WWE to Air Simultaneous Broadcast Called Watch Along During Fastlane

During Sunday's broadcast of WWE Fastlane, WWE is going to test the theory that fans will want to watch WWE personalities taking in their own shows.

The show is called Watch Along and it will air during the WWE broadcast of Fastlane. Fans can go on any of the regular broadcast platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Live and other forums to watch host Pat McAfee take in the show. During that Watch Along, special guests will be dropping in to sit with McAfee and fans can see the reaction of WWE Superstars as the event is happening.

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WWE.com published an article promoting the show and wrote that guests have already been booked for the premiere episode, including Alexa Bliss, The New Day, Mustafa Ali, The IIconics, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Christian, and Cathy Kelley. There are apparently more to be joining as well.

For those fans who want to not just watch the pay-per-view but watch WWE Superstars watching the pay-per-view alongside them, this could be a hit. Will the Superstars get caught up in the action? Will they talk about the matches in a play-by-play format or talk about themselves? Will fans need to turn the sound of the actual show off and the volume of Youtube up? What about lag? Will there be any? These are all questions bound to pop up as the first episode takes place.

What This Means

For fans who love to watch YouTube videos of people playing their favorite video games or see the reactions of YouTube stars to some of the viral vids that are out there online, Watch Along could be a huge hit. It really was only a matter of time before WWE tried something like this. But, if fans are more into the play-by-play of Michael Cole and Corey Graves, among others, it will be interesting to see if a show of this format lasts.

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