WWE Tweets Photo Of Fiend Lantern, Teases Prop's Future

We previously reported WWE might be rethinking the idea of using the lantern head shaped like Bray Wyatt after editing it out of the YouTube video. Things have seemingly changed.

In that report, we wrote:

There were a variety of reports after the video was changed and photos removed that WWE was going to get rid of the lantern, possibly because it was too scary and that there might have been some complaints from YouTube that it was essentially a decapitated head. Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live today that he reached out to multiple sources on the matter and none of them had heard anything about the lantern being dropped.

Not only has the prop not been dropped by WWE, on Wednesday, they tweeted out a photo of the Fiend that prominently showcased the lantern head and it appears they have a ton of plans to feature the lantern in other photos, merchandise and toy lines.

Wyatt is scheduled to be at RAW this Monday night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, and should be on Raw the following week as he is advertised for that show which takes place in New Orleans. If the lantern head shows up, we know that WWE is committed to using it.  If the lantern head is also edited out of footage on the YouTube channel after those Raws come and go, it will be clear that the original SummerSlam edit was a YouTube mandate.

What This Means

This will be fantastic news for fans of the new Fiend gimmick and the thousands of people who loved the lantern head when they first saw it at SummerSlam. It's not like WWE to give up on an idea that seems to be a home run with the audience and this prop certainly has caught the attention of the WWE Universe.

The prop itself is a goldmine in terms of merchandise sales and it would be crazy for WWE to lose it, especially after telling fans they were going to start offering a bit of an edgier product.

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