WWE Vs UFC Horsewomen Match Rumored For Survivor Series

A horsewomen versus horsewomen match is still rumored to be on the cards in WWE and it could take place before the end of the year.

It's probably fair to say that not many people expected Ronda Rousey to take to WWE as quickly as she has. Despite only making her debut at this year's WrestleMania, The Rowdy One could be Raw Women's Champion by the end of the week as she will compete for the title at SummerSlam this Sunday. Not many would argue with Rousey winning the championship either.

Meanwhile, in NXT, Rousey's fellow horsewoman Shayna Baszler is also making waves. The Queen Of Spades proved her worth during last year's Mae Young Classic and is the current NXT Women's Champion. Considering how well the two of them are doing it's safe to assume that the other horsewoman of MMA, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, will also do well once they have been at the Performance Center for a little longer.


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In fact, according to Cultaholic, Duke and Shafir's development might be coming along pretty quickly. The latest rumor is that all four horsewomen will take on their WWE equivalents in a Survivor Series style match at the PPV of the same name. If those rumors turn out to be true then that will come as a bit of a surprise since Survivor Series is only three months away.

If that match is going to happen, there are a number of things WWE could do in order to build to it. For starters, Rousey could become Raw Women's Champion at SummerSlam on Sunday. Plus, the night before at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Rousey, Shafir, and Duke are apparently going to be at ringside to support Baszler as she defends her title against Kairi Sane. If WWE's horsewomen are in attendance then the eight of them could clash in some way.

While a horsewomen versus horsewomen match is obviously a mouthwatering prospect, WWE shouldn't pull the trigger on it too soon. Duke and Shafir have only just signed with the company and even if they have advanced relatively quickly, the majority of WWE fans won't be familiar with them at this point. Next year's Survivor Series seems like a more logical choice, but WWE might not be able to wait that long.


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