WWE Universal Title Match Ends In Shocking Fashion at SummerSlam

In a weekend that saw no titles change hands, would the Universal Championship SummerSlam match be the same? The ending might have shocked a few fans.

Rollins guaranteed a victory against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam leading into the matchup between the two. But, could he really deliver on that promise? After all, Lesnar had taken it to Rollins week after week leading into the pay-per-view and The Beast Slayer was hardly in the type of shape he needed to slay a beast.

At the same time, it appeared WWE was very much back in the corner of Lesnar and his being the Universal Champion. He'd shockingly won the Money in the Bank briefcase, took advantage of a weakened Rollins and Paul Heyman was the new Executive Director of Raw. It appeared all the stars were aligning for Lesnar.

As the match began at SummerSlam, Lesnar took it to Rollins early. but it didn't take long for Rollins to surprisingly turn the tide. Every time Lesnar felt like he was getting back into things with a suplex, Rollins would land on his feet and land a Superkick. Eventually, an F-5 changed things.

Lesnar began to meticulously go to work on Rollins but Rollins was finally able to get Lesnar outside the ring, land a suicide bar and get him on the announce table for a frog splash from the top rope. The crowd chanted holy sh-t and as Rollins fought back with Lesnar, he was able to hit enough stomps to finally overtake Lesnar and win the Universal Championship.

What This Means

Rollins is back on top of the WWE mountain. An incredibly strong match to end SummerSlam, this was the only championship to change hands over the entire weekend and it might have been the championship no fan assumed would switch performers.

Kudos to Lesnar and Rollins for putting on a great match and for WWE for shocking fans who thought Lesnar might have had this one in the bag.

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