WWE Working Storyline Of Roman Reigns Appearing On Monday's Raw

Both Roman Reigns and WWE are promoting a storyline that Reigns will appear on Raw this Monday. It has not been clarified as to why or where this story is originating from but speculation is the quick decision to have Reigns appear might be due to low ratings.

Both Raw and SmackDown Live have seen some lackluster ratings numbers over the past few weeks. In fact, the ratings have been among the lowest in the show's history. After a Superstar Shake-up that saw some of the company's bigger names change brands and with some star power like Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, Ronda Rousey and others not on tv since WrestleMania 35, the company and Vince McMahon may be looking for answers.

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Perhaps the Big Dog is a quick solution.

Reigns took to Twitter and wrote, "I'm back on SDLive, but I still have some business on Raw. I'll see y'all Monday. #ProtectTheYard." What he was referring to is unclear as Seth Rollins and AJ Styles have effectively taken the reigns from Roman to run the red brand. There's really no logical storyline reasoning to bring Roman back. Even Rollins wrote on Saturday, "I got it handled over here on red, big man."

Perhaps knowing that they can't really explain him just "showing up" on Raw, WWE has responded to Reigns' tweet and said:

"WWE officials have learned of Roman Reigns' desire to appear on Monday Night Raw, but as of now, and due to his obligations as a SmackDown Live Superstar, he will not be appearing on Monday Night Raw."

What This Means

The response by WWE virtually guarantees Reigns will appear on Monday. The idea here is to tease an element of surprise and give fans a reason to tune into the show. The problem here is that there's no logical reason to have him appear other than sinking ratings and, at best, this is a short-term fix.

Unfortunately, the problem for WWE is much bigger than Reigns showing up on Monday. The inability for WWE to produce new stars, write interesting and captivating angles and effectively use their talent is why their ratings have dropped. And, when you consider fans have often rejected Reigns at the best of times, it shouldn't shock WWE if this tactic doesn't improve things.

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