WWE Reportedly Furious With Wrestling Observer For ROH’s MSG Show

WWE believes that the Wrestling Observer helped ROH and NJPW sell out Madison Square Garden and is not happy about it.

The wrestling world is changing and it is changing for the better. Even though WWE is still the juggernaut that drives the business, other companies have been doing extremely well over the last couple of years. The likes of Ring Of Honor, New Japan, and even Impact Wrestling has raised its game in 2018.

ROH and NJPW will team up in 2019 to stage a supershow in Madison Square Garden, demonstrating exactly how far the two companies have come. Since MSG is the spiritual home of WWE, there has unsurprisingly been a lot of controversy, especially since the event will take place on the same night as NXT TakeOver in Brooklyn, 24 hours before WrestleMania. Despite apparent attempts by WWE to put a stop to the show, it is happening, and it has already sold out.


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If WWE wasn't happy before, you can guarantee that it is furious now. In fact, according to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon is blaming Dave Meltzer's long-running publication for the sellout. Alvarez addressed the accusation on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, labeling it "preposterous" and discussing it in a lot of detail. You can check out the entire monologue from Alvarez on the Squared Circle Reddit.

"You're telling me I helped sell over 100,000 subscriptions for New Japan World or that I helped sell out MSG? That's preposterous," Alvarez said. He also went on to say "if it WERE true then there would be a reason for that and it's because they allowed us access to talents that you don't allow us access to so what are you complaining about?" WWE doesn't allow the Wrestling Observer to interview WWE Superstars or any other publications and podcasts that haven't been pre-approved for that matter.

WWE can be pretty petty at the best of times, and for every example of it working in harmony with a rival company, there seems to be a story like the one above. WWE has a working relationship with Evolve, but not with ROH. Progress and ICW are both allies in the UK, but World Of Sport is the enemy. It seems a little arbitrary and goes against the current theme in wrestling that everyone is working together to create a better business as a whole.


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