Former WWE Writer Destroys The ‘Creative Has Nothing For You’ Firing Excuse

Some WWE stars are untouchable and can pretty much get away with anything, yet many others are simply a creative non-story from getting dropped.

WWE owner Vince McMahon has fired several wrestlers over the years. And the phrase "creative has nothing for you" has been used as a reason for many of the axings.

According to former WWE creative writer Matt McCarthy, the above is simply an excuse to drop someone from the roster for whatever reason it may be - mostly Vince not liking him or her. Creative having nothing for a particular wrestler has never actually been the case.

McCarthy, a comedian who has featured in films such as The Other Guys and the Angry Birds Movie, as well as TV Shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine and White Collar, among many others, worked with the WWE for a year as a writer. He was a guest on Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Podcast this past Friday and called the WWE out for their famous five-word excuse.

"Ex-WWE Creative on "creative has nothing for you" excuse for firing people: "Imagine if Vince walked into the writers' room and asks, 'What have you got Cody and Drew?' And we say, 'We can't think of anything.' Then Vince says, 'Okay, that's good enough for me!' And fires them," Weller tweeted on Friday, quoting McCarthy.

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"Matt's point is that the excuse "creative has nothing for you" so people get fired is a farce; when people gets fired it's because Vince doesn't want them anymore," he continued. "But the "creative has nothing for you" is the excuse they always give wrestlers when they're released."

It's highly unlikely anyone ever bought the excuse, though. And besides, what good is a creative department if they can't come up with stories for a company's employees?

On the flipside, though, the WWE Universe has been treated to some pretty poor storylines over the past few years. So it is possible that Creative is really running out of ideas.


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