First-Ever WWF Lightweight Champion Perro Aguayo Dies At 73

Lucha libre legend Perro Aguayo has passed away at the age of 73.

The former Mexican star, whose real name is Pedro Aguayo Damian, is one of the biggest icons in Mexican wrestling history, having began his wrestling career back in 1968.

Apart from being a legend in Central America whose influence helped kickstart AAA, Aguayo is known for his crowning as the first-ever WWF Lightweight Champion.

Aguayo's name brought fans wherever he fought and he was one of the biggest draws in Mexico. He performed up until 2007, with his last match a tag against Mascara Ano 2000 and Universo 2000 in Tijuana. He was honored with an AAA Hall of Fame induction in 2012.

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Aguayo's son Perro Aguayo Jr tragically met his end in the ring in 2015, only aged 35, while competing in a tag match with Manik against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Xtreme Tiger at an event for The Crash promotion in Tijuana.

A dropkick from Mysterio is said to have caused his neck to snap due to the whiplash from being flung into the ropes and the coroner revealed that he died almost instantly. The match did not end right away, though, with everyone believing he was simply knocked unconscious.

Aguayo Sr, described as a cross between Bruno Sammartino and Terry Funk by American journalists, took part in WWF's Royal Rumble in 1997 but his Lightweight title win isn't on record as WWE does not recognize pre-1997 reigns for that particular championship.

His passing was announced by Perros del Mal via Facebook on Wednesday night, with AAA confirming as much after.

We at TheSportster would like to extend our condolences to Pedro's family as they go through this trying time, especially given prior circumstances. He truly was and will remain a legend in Mexico but is likely to have impacted American fans as well.

Rest in Peace, Pedro.

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