Bray Wyatt Sends Absolutely Perfect Father’s Day Wishes To WWE Fans

Bray Wyatt sent a special Happy Father's Day to his fans and proved at the same time he understands his character extremely well.

Wyatt’s new Firefly Fun House segments are all the rage in wrestling these days. Part of what makes them so special is the fact that they are different and Wyatt is connecting with his fans on a level unmatched by most other WWE Superstars. He's got their attention in a way that's not been seen in WWE for years and on Sunday, he grabbed their attention again when he sent a special Happy Father's Day message to his fans.

Wyatt took to Instagram on Sunday as his new alter ego The Fiend and standing alongside his other half, Jojo, he was holding his recently-born child. Wyatt wrote, “Happy Fathers Day brethren. If you’re like me, you’d be lost without them.”

If any other wrestler were to wish their fans a Happy Father's Day, it would be an appreciated gesture but not quite as noticeable as Wyatt's which demonstrates the perfect ability to understand what makes his character tick. His persona demonstrated during the Firefly Fun House segments show that Wyatt is struggling internally with who he is. You get the sense that at any moment The Fiend will take over and wreak havoc on the WWE roster. It's only fitting that he takes a photo as The Fiend with someone as innocent as his newborn baby.

What This Mean

The timing might also be ideal as Wyatt is scheduled to be at Monday’s RAW live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This will mark the first time he's potentially going to be seen live in front of a WWE crowd since re-debuting.

Like Wyatt, we wish everyone a Happy Father's Day. Our well-wishes just aren't nearly as cool.

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