X-Pac Once Asked WWE If They Were 'Paying Him By The Pound'

With Triple H taking over 205 Live, from the perspective of the WWE Universe, there has been a bit bigger emphasis on what's going to happen with the Cruiserweights in the WWE. Fans who love NXT will likely tune into the cruiserweight action to see what The Game does with the roster, the show and the style of wrestling that fans see from week to week. For the most part, there seems to be a genuine air of excitement about the direction the program might be headed.

Someone familiar with cruiserweight action is the always outspoken Sean "X-Pac" Waltman who has his own podcast show titled Sean Waltman's X-Pac12360. When asked about his thoughts on the new style, what the show will do and what fans can expect, Waltman didn't mince words.

He wasn't concerned that Triple H (Hunter) was taking over and as X-Pac virtually guaranteed that the show would become successful, but the first thing X-Pac admitted was that Vince McMahon simply isn't a fan of the cruiserweights. In WWE's history of working with the high flyers, Vince has never put an emphasis on their contribution to the show and instead of showcasing them for what they are, WWE has always put more weight into the "WWE style", which hasn't always worked.


X-Pac explained, "I was the very last WWF Light Heavyweight champion. I fought a long time to not have to have that belt... One time, I got my payoff and I gave him [Jim Ross] a call. It was a SummerSlam payoff and I asked him if they were paying me by the pound? So that's how I felt about the pay scale there. That you were paid by the pound sometimes, and it's not really, but you can get that sense being in the WWE  sometimes. I didn't want that. There was no way I wanted that. That was a pay cut for me. So that was the issue."

X-Pac believes there will be a change in the style because WWE has their way of doing things but he's hoping that the company offers up more time and incentives to those superstars who are in the Cruiserweight Division.

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If what happened to X-Pac is still happening today, it could explain why a talent like Neville was so upset. He went from the regular roster as an enhancement talent to the best Cruiserweight Champion WWE has ever had and then he quit. It didn't make a lot of sense but it would if you consider Neville likely received a huge pay-cut to go along with his new title.  It would also match what talents like Austin Aries has said about how he's made much more money working outside WWE than with them.

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