X-Pac Shares His Take On Heyman & Bischoff Appointments

Ex-WWE star X-Pac has voiced his opinion on Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff being hired as executive directors of Raw and SmackDown Live respectively.

The pair are still settling into their new roles but the changes have been quite apparent, with both shows having a good first week in terms of reviews.

X-Pac says he's happy for Heyman and Bischoff and reckons they deserve the appointments, although he's interested to see how the latter gets on as he doesn't really tread on the creative side.

"I am happy for Paul and Eric 'cause I really like them both, and there's a good reason why they were chosen," he said on his X-PAC 12360 show. "I mean, there is a track record there. Eric's a little bit different, obviously. Eric wasn't really the creative guy, so I am curious to see how this plays out for him or how SmackDown looks with him at the helm. We got a little bit of a taste of how RAW is going to look like with Paul there, and so far, I think it was a pretty good review on Raw last night."

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The former D-Generation X member recalled how Bischoff hired other people to take care of creative affairs back when he was competing in WCW and WWE.

"This is just from my point of view, how I always saw it - what Eric was really smart about was picking guys that were brilliant at the things that he wasn't," he added.

"He hasn't even had a week on the job yet. On the other hand, you kind have an idea on what a Raw is going to look like. You could smell Paul Heyman's scent all over the show last night. As far as Raw goes, I was happy with that. First week for Paul seemed like a good one. And you've got to understand, they just can't [change things] overnight; there has to be a transition. You just can't all of a sudden halt storylines, it has to be eased in to."

News of the recent appointments garnered mixed reviews from wrestlers and fans alike, but Heyman has especially gotten off on the right track. We can't judge these men on a single show and should give them at least a few weeks before forming an opinion. But things look to be quite good at the moment.

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