Did Xavier Woods Just Tease GM Mode's Return In WWE 2K20?

Xavier Woods has got fans hopes up with the mention of GM Mode. However, his short and sweet tweet could have meant a number of things.

The build to the release of WWE 2K20 has officially begun. On Monday of this week, WWE 2K dropped the first trailer for this year's installment of the series. So far, we have been told a fair bit, but still know relatively little in the grand scheme of thing. We know that Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns will grace the cover, and that Hulk Hogan and Chyna will return to the WWE video game universe via a special edition of the game.

What many fans of WWE 2K's games have an issue with is the same as the issues with other annually released sports games. That developers are effectively releasing the same game every year with an updated roster. It has felt like that when it comes to WWE 2K for a while. Fans ask for certain things to be changed, and those requests are either not heard or ignored.

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One thing that would please many fans is the return of the incredibly popular GM Mode. It has now been more than a decade since it made an appearance in a WWE video game. However, Xavier Woods recently gave fans hope. The Tag Team Champion tweeted "those of you asking about GM Mode - gimmie 2/3 months and I'll be able to hopefully give you some good news."

GM Mode let a player assume the role of a General Manager, draft Superstars, and book them in matches and rivalries. The aim was to attract more fans than rival shows, and earn the GM of the year award from Vince McMahon. Woods has battled Tyler Breeze in GM Mode on UpUpDownDown, which has got fans worried that's what he was referring to in his tweet.

The timeline Woods has placed on his "good news" has also got fans asking questions. In three months time, WWE 2K20 will have already been released. That means if GM Mode is going to be a part of the game, it will be as a DLC pack. The other possibility is that Woods is working with Yuke's on its rival to the WWE 2K series. Now that would be an exciting revelation.

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