10 Suspects Charged In 'Burglary Ring' That Targeted Yasiel Puig

Ten gang members were arrested for a string of robberies in Los Angeles that impacted, Yasiel Puig along with other celebrities.

The gang members were charged with counts of conspiracy, burglary, and home-invasion robbery. These members were also responsible for the burglaries against Los Angeles Rams receiver, Robert Woods, and also singer Rihanna.

Puig was hit the hardest out of all the celebrities by these robberies. Just last September, Puig's home was broken into while he was on the field with his Dodgers' teammates. This instance was the fourth since March 2017.

Here is security camera footage of one of the times of when Puig's house was broken into:


According to TMZ, police officials had arrested four individuals back in October in connection with the video of them breaking into Puig's house. One of those four suspects was ultimately released.

But now, the police have arrested seven new men all in relations to the robberies on these celebrities. Bringing the total to now ten suspects who have all now been charged.

Also, every time Puig's house was broken into he was away fulfilling his baseball obligations, either at practice or a game. The first time Puig's house was broken into was at his former residence in Sherman Oaks, while he was away at spring training of March 2017.

Then, after Puig moved into his current house in the San Fernando Valley, it was first burglarized during game seven of the 2017 World Series. It was then broken into again on Sep. 1, 2018, when Puig was playing at Dodgers Stadium against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Almost three weeks after that, his home was broken into again on Sep. 18, 2019, when Puig was yet playing another game at Dodgers stadium.

Puig, Woods, and Rihanna were only just the first few celebrities on this gang's list to rob from. TMZ also stated that there was in total 24 houses hit by these members. While there was also a list discovered last October, describing twelve other famous celebrities that the group planned to steal from.

Those celebrities included; Los Angeles Lakers player, Lebron James, and actress, Viola Davis. Police officials stated that in total the crew stole over $1 million in property. With the members of those crimes now caught, Puig shouldn't have to worry anymore about people raiding his house while he is away at a game.


It's so disgusting to witness the crimes that take place in this world today. Whether it's against normal people or celebrities, it's just plain wrong. The fact that Puig had his house broken into four different times over the last 18 months is shameful.

Thankfully, the police were able to catch these individuals before they could do any more harm and damage to other people's homes. Hopefully, nothing like this happens again where a group of people get targeted just because they're famous and wealthy.


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