The Young Bucks Are Promising A Not-So-PG AEW, Hint At New Roster Additions

With All Elite Wrestling's first PPV less than two weeks away, The Young Bucks have promised that the new promotions will be bringing fans something they're unused to, as well as a few surprise additions to the roster.

The company announced a mega TV deal with TNT on Wednesday, with a weekly show set to air via said network and Bleacher Report's B/R Live. They've also revealed that referees Earl Hebner and Paul Turner have both signed on.

Wrestling News Co caught up with Matt and Nick Jackson at Warner Media's upfronts on Wednesday. And the brothers, who make up The Young Bucks, declared that AEW is looking to do the exact opposite of whatever WWE's doing.

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“It’s gotta look different, it’s gotta feel different,” Nick said.

“It’s got to be shot different," Matt added. "Whatever do they do, we have to do the opposite. If that means that they have a PG type of show, we should have a more edgy type of show. Our matches should look different and the things we do in the matches should be different. Our stories should be different, they should be more complex.”

Asked who the promotion is still looking to sign, Nick replied: “Basically, take a look at our roster. Those are all the guys we’ve wanted. There may be a couple that I can’t talk about yet.”

"We might be negotiating right now with some. We want surprises to happen and we have a big show in 10 days, Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas.”

"You never know who you’re gonna see in Las Vegas,” Matt chimed in.

What This Means

Fans are generally pleased with the fact that a new promotion is set to have a show on TV and they're hoping for an improved product as it relates to what they've been getting from WWE.

If the company can deliver on this non-PG thing, they're likely to score huge points with wrestling enthusiasts. For the time being, though, we'll be keeping those fingers crossed.

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