The Young Bucks Reassure Fans That PAC Will Come To AEW "Eventually"

It has all gone quiet in regard to PAC's standing with AEW. However, The Young Bucks have confirmed that he is still set to join the promotion.

AEW might have only been in existence for a little longer than six months, but it already has a pretty impressive roster. Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody, The Young Bucks, Britt Baker. The list goes on and on. However, during the promotion's first ever press conference, we were led to believe that PAC would also be a part of the proceedings.

For those who don't know, PAC is the man formerly known as Neville while he was with WWE. At the aforementioned press conference, PAC had a staredown with Hangman Page. That was meant to have led to a match between the two at Double Or Nothing. Annoyingly, that match never happened. Well, it did, just not at DoN.

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Since then, there have been varying rumors as to why PAC has been AWOL from AEW. Some of the reasons include creative differences, issues with getting a US visa, and even that the whole thing is part of a storyline. Since PAC hasn't worked in the US since, we'd hazard to guess that the visa issue is the real reason. During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Young Bucks revealed that they are still determined to bring PAC in to AEW.

"It's a priority for us and I think we're gonna make this thing work," Matt Jackson explained. Meanwhile, Nick described it as a "work in progress" and that he and Matt have known PAC for more than a decade. They also revealed that it was a case of their schedules not matching up, so perhaps his absence isn't due to visa issues after all.

In terms of Page, it does feel as if AEW had a plan laid out that has gone awry due to PAC being a no-show. We are growing ever closer to All Out where Page will compete with Y2J for the AEW World Championship. Right now, Page doesn't feel like World Champion material. Had he been embroiled in a rivalry with PAC this whole time, perhaps that would have been different.

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