Young Bucks Reveal Who Calls Wins And Losses, Final Say In AEW

The Young Bucks sat down with YouTube host Chris van Vliet and discussed a number of topics. Among them was who has final say of all things AEW.

In WWE, that person is Vince McMahon. Everything flows through the creator of WWE and President of WWE who, in his seventies, still often sits at the Gorilla position overseeing every aspect of WWE programming. But, in AEW, who is that person?

Naturally, one would assume it is the President, Tony Kahn. But, AEW is put together a bit differently. The new upstart wrestling promotion has a number of Executive VP's, wrestlers with some creative input and when The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega were approached about starting AEW, they were told they could hire their own guys and do their own thing. Does that mean they have final say over creative or who wins and loses matches?

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The answer is no.

During their interview with van Vliet, the question was asked of the Young Bucks if fans would ever see another angle like the unprotected chair shot Cody took at Fyter Fest. Nick Jackson said, "I don't think Tony would allow it." That led to van Vliet asking, "Is there a chain of command? Is Tony the last person that has to ok it? " Both of The Young Bucks acknowledged, "Yes, Tony is.". They said everything goes through him.

They added, "If anything is going to happen on that show, Tony has heard about it." They cited the fact that in Las Vegas, they badly wanted to lose to the Lucha Bros but Tony wouldn't allow it.

What This Means

There were always a few whispers that having so many execs in AEW could pose a problem for the young company or that maybe there would be some controversy over who has final say. It's good to know that Tony Kahn is confident enough and ready to overrule his stars and decide what he feels is best for each show.

Every good company needs a leader without too many cooks running the kitchen. The Young Bucks understand it and it sounds like everyone else does too. Kahn is the guy that runs the show, they are just the brains behind it.

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