Zelina Vega Shoots Down Rumors of Being Pregnant

After a Twitter follower commented on a comment Zelina Vega made during a Twitter post, she shot down any rumors that her illness was baby related.

Some fans may not know that Zelina Vega and Aleister Black recently got married. They took a little time away from WWE to go on a honeymoon and are now back in full swing as members of the Raw roster. Vega, as most people know is the manager for Andrade and Black is a star on the rise. Both use social media fairly regularly to communicate with fans.

Not long ago, Vega took to Twitter to discuss the fact that she was getting sick more than she'd like and despite taking Vitamin IV treatments, wondered, "Why is it that I've been getting sick what feels like once a month?! I hate this. I even did one of those vitamin IV treatments with extra vitaC, but I still feel miserable."

Anytime a WWE Superstar tweets something, there are bound to be numerous responses from fans. One response was that maybe she should see if a little Aleister Black was on its way. Maybe Vega was pregnant?

Vega wasted no time in responding, saying, "Uhm no. You clearly don't know the difference between being flu-like sick and needing vitamin c vs. pregnancy morning sickness. And even if I did, I sure wouldn't be tweeting about it. So, let's kill that rumor right now."

What This Means

While rumors of stars like Ronda Rousey take time off to start a family, clearly for Vega and Black, it seems to be all about focusing on their WWE careers and elevating their status on the Raw brand. That's a difficult thing to do when you're having a baby.

The last few Superstars who have gone through that process (like Maria and Mike Kannelis) have essentially had to start over. That's probably not something Vega wants to do at this point.

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