CM Punk Makes Major Bank In UFC Defeat

While with WWE, CM Punk got paid handsomely to get fake beat up. Now in UFC, he is getting beat up for real, but at least he's being paid well to do so.

Vegas Odds Posted For CM Punk's Fight At UFC 225

CM Punk is set to take on Mike Jackson at UFC 225 Saturday and unlike his inaugural fight for the MMA promotion, this time, he's not considered a huge underdog, only a slight one.

Samoa Joe Comments On Conor McGregor's MMA Success

Conor McGregor has brought WWE-like characteristics of a heel to the world of mixed martial arts via the UFC. The 29-year-old Dublin, Ireland native has dominated the featherweight and lightweight div...

Conor McGregor Posts Bail, Hearing Set for June

After a crazy 24 hours, Conor McGregor is now out on bail and free to return to Ireland should he desire to. His $50,000 bail was posted on Friday and his three counts of assault and one count of crim...

Dana White Confirms CM Punk's Next UFC Opponent

Amidst all the noise that is Conor McGregor and his arrest after bombarding the UFC 223 media day on Thursday, UFC 225 is not terribly far off and fighting on that event will be CM Punk who is making ...

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