10 Photos Of Danica Patrick Looking Great (And 5 Having A Bad Day)

Danica Patrick is one of the widely known names in all of racing, and that might be because she is the most successful woman in American open-wheel racing history. The 35-year-old has made history multiple times throughout her career, and is currently competing full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, driving the number ten Ford Fusion for Stewart-Haas Racing.

The Beloit, Wisconsin native is not only known for her long list of achievements in her racing career, but also for her enticing photos that can be found scattered all over the internet. Patrick is one of the most beautiful female drivers out there, and has lots to show for it. However, like any other human beings, there have been some times where Patrick hasn't looked her best and has got caught on camera.

This list will take a look at the good and the bad (but mostly the good) pictures of the famous NASCAR driver. There have been some unfortunate times where Patrick has been caught on camera not looking her best simply by chance, and others when she's just not having a good day. The good outweighs the bad in this piece though, so we'll take a look at ten photos of Danica Patrick looking great, and five looking not so great.

15 Looking Great: The 2014 ESPYS

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Danica is usually in racing gear when she's on the job, but when she dresses up for special occasions, she can be a diamond. Here she is stealing the spotlight on the red carpet at the ESPYS in 2014, in a gorgeous white dress showing off all of her curves. In all fairness to her incredible racing career, Danica looks like she could be some famous celebrity with how she's looking in this picture.

Fun fact: Danica began racing go-karts with her sister at 10 years old at the Sugar River Raceway in Brodhead,Wisconsin and dropped out of high school to further her racing career in England. She finished second at the Formula Ford Festival, the highest of both any American and woman in the event.

14 Looking Great: Beach Body

You really wouldn't guess that Danica Patrick was a NASCAR driver from the looks of her body. Here she is enjoying the sun by the beach and she looks extremely fit. When she's not out on the tracks, Patrick is usually working out, making sure she's in good shape. It seems like she's a fitness freak by the looks of her Instagram, where she posts many pictures and videos of her workout routines.

Fun fact: Patrick is a wine connoisseur and started her own winery called "Somnium", which may explain why she's holding a bottle of wine in this photo. She has an immense passion for wine and starting her own winery had been a dream of hers for a long time.

13 Bad Day: Seen A Ghost?

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Although it takes a lot of digging through the archives of the internet to find a less than appealing photo of Danica Patrick, they do exist. We're not quite sure what's going on in this picture, but it looks like Danica has seen something she shouldn't be seeing. While this obviously isn't the best picture we've seen of the 35-year-old, it looks like this is more of a poorly timed photo than anything.

Fun fact: Danica actually has a pretty short temper and wishes she wouldn't get so mad over things. Perhaps something happened prior to this photo that ticked her off, which might explain her facial expression. Nonetheless, as pretty a face as she may have, you better make sure you don't get on her nerves or that'll turn into an ugly one real quick.

12 Looking Great: Hot Ride

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Patrick has done some modelling in her career and rightfully so as she's got the figure of a top model. Here is the Wisconsin native looking as tempting as can be in very little clothing, and almost as hot as the car she's leaning on, making sure you can get a good look at all of her assets.

Fun fact: Danica has starred in famous rapper Jay-Z's music video for his single "Show Me What You Got." Patrick is seen riding in a Pagani Zonda and is introduced around the 23 second mark of the video. Certainly, a rap music video is the last place you'd figure to see Patrick make an appearance, but if you need shots of a pretty girl riding in a fast car, then she's an obvious choice.

11 Looking Great: The NASCAR Foundation Honours Gala

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The great thing about Danica Patrick is that she can look good in pretty much any type of clothing. We've seen that she can rock a swimsuit on the beach easily, but also a fancy dress like in this photo. Here is a look at the Wisconsin native at the 2016 NASCAR Foundation Honours Gala in New York City. We love seeing Danica at these types of events because she always wears the perfect outfit that enhances her great body.

Fun fact: Patrick joined the cheerleading squad while she attended Hononegah High School in Roscoe. That comes as no surprise as she seems like she would fit right in as a cute high school cheerleader. Oddly enough, she's said that she saw more serious injuries occur during her cheerleading days than during her time in racing.

10 Bad Day: Daydreaming

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Here's another unfortunate circumstance where it seems like Danica Patrick was just caught on camera at the wrong time. We can't expect Patrick to look her best when she's on the track anyway, considering she's wearing racing gear and hardly any makeup. It wouldn't be fair to judge her looks based on photos of her on the job. Nonetheless, this surely isn't the nicest picture of her out there.

Fun fact: Not only is she a successful NASCAR driver and wine enthusiast, Danica also works as a spokesperson and has done talks for a campaign called Life Insurance Awareness Month, as well as for a foundation raising awareness for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - an illness that took her grandmother's life.

9 Looking Great: Laying On The Beach

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Danica is looking fantastic yet again in this modelling shoot for Sports Illustrated's 2008 and 2009 swimsuit edition. It's simply an all-around great shot of the most successful female in American open-wheel racing history. This time we see Patrick posing on the beach looking like an absolute goddess in this bikini, with her gear covering the lower half of her body. The background is a gloomy sunset that gives a pretty cool effect to the overall shot.

Fun fact: Patrick is a foodie and is addicted to the Food Network channel. She actually made an appearance on the channel's competitive cooking show called "Chopped" in 2013 and defeated three other celebrities to win the competition. She donated the winnings to a charity for COPD.

8 Looking Great: Posing For Sports Illustrated

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A beautiful woman on a beautiful car, what more can you ask for? Danica has posed for Sports Illustrated a couple times and you just know that with her incredible body she's going to look smoking in a swimsuit photoshoot. The 35-year-old looks extremely relaxed in this picture and her body looks amazing in that bikini. This was her second issue for Sports Illustrated back in 2009, posing on a Shelby Cobra 427.

Fun fact: Danica has appeared in more Super Bowl commercials than any other celebrity. Come to think of it, Danica has the perfect face for television, so this doesn't come as a surprise. With her successful career and great looks, she fits the role of a hot athlete with a television personality.

7 Bad Day: An Unhappy Camper

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We are so used to seeing Patrick's glowing smile or her model-like expressions in pictures that this comes as a bit of a disappointment. For whatever reason, Patrick does not seem too pleased about something and it doesn't make for a very appealing photo. Luckily, the good outweighs the bad in this list, and we can simply move on and enjoy the better pictures of her.

Fun fact: Here's something to smile about. Patrick's successful racing career has seen her take home the accomplishments of being the highest female finish (fourth place) at the Indy 500 in 2005, winning "Sportswoman of the Year" at the 2006 March of Dimes, becoming the first woman to win an IndyCar race in 2008, and became the first woman to win the pole position at Daytona 500 in 2013 after winning the time trials.

6 Looking Great: The 2008 ESPY Awards

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Wow! Here's a side to Danica that hasn't been seen often. Personally, I've never pictured her with shorter hair but Patrick pulls it off exceptionally in this photo. It brings out a sexier side to her and makes her seem like a different person. How about that cute dress as well. It's looking fantastic on her body and you can just tell that she's in great shape. She is absolutely killing it here, as she makes an appearance on the red carpet at the 2008 ESPY Awards.

Fun fact: While we have seen that she's done swimsuit shoots for Sports Illustrated, she's also appeared on the cover of the sports magazine twice, the first time coming in 2005 - however not in such little clothing. Patrick became the first IndyCar driver to appear on the magazine since Al Unser in 1987.

5 Looking Great: Book Cover

As previously mentioned, Patrick is a health freak and pays the closest attention to what she eats and works out endlessly. Shortly after Patrick posted this preview of her fitness book on Instagram, she posted another photo of her on the cover of the book, to discuss her body and how many claimed that there were a lot of touch-ups done to make it seem like she had abs. Patrick made it clear that she's worked hard to earn her body.

Fun fact: There's been controversy surrounding Patrick's weight during her racing career, which came a day prior to the Indy 500 in 2005. Racer Robby Gordon claimed that Danica's light weight, at roughly 100 pounds, gave her an unfair advantage. However, Brian Barnhart, president of the Indy Racing League, later put that to rest after stating that Patrick's weight did not constitute as an advantage over other drivers.

4 Bad Day: Displeased Interview

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This photo was taken of Danica during an interview after her race in Kansas in May of 2017. There was controversy on social media surrounding this interview because of the events that took place during the race, and how Patrick spoke about it. An accident had occurred between Patrick, Aric Amirola and Joey Logano. Amirola unfortunately suffered from a compression fracture of his T5 vertebrae. Following the race, Logano expressed his genuine concern for Amirola, however Patrick proceeded to talk about herself and that she got struck by bad luck during the race first, before addressing the injury to Amirola. This was seen as disrespectful and Patrick got plenty of hate on social media.

Fun fact: The peak of Danica's fame came when she was sponsored by GoDaddy.com, and began to act in commercials for the company.

3 Looking Great: Rear View

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We felt that only one picture of Patrick posing on a Shelby Cobra 427 wasn't sufficient, so here's another one from the 35-year-old's famous shoot for Sports Illustrated. This is certainly one of the sexiest photos we've seen of Danica, as we get a good look at her figure in this bikini and can see just how fit she is.

Fun fact: More like a funny fact. As previously mentioned, Patrick's drove go-karts at a young age which got her into racing. Her first time didn't turn out to be a fun experience, however, as she ended up crashing head-on into a concrete building. Luckily she didn't quit from that unfortunate experience, and managed to turn it around and become a successful race car driver in the end.

2 Looking Great: Beachfront

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This photo has been seen by many and could easily be one of Patrick's most popular, as well as her most revealing. The only thing there could be not to like about this picture is the fact that Patrick has her hands covering her chest. You could still argue that it adds more intrigue to the picture anyway. There's simply nothing to dislike about this photo. Patrick blesses us with her wonderful model-type body yet again.

Fun fact: The weirdest thing an opposing fan has ever shouted at her was: "Danica, I'm gonna name my baby after you!" It's weird because that's coming from an opposing fan, but Danica is a cute name and she should feel honoured to be able to impact even those against her.

1 Bad Day: Tears Of... Joy?

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This picture might look pretty deceiving at first. At first glance, you would think Danica is having the worst day of her life, right? That's actually not the case. This picture was taken moments after winning the Bridgestone Indy 300 back in April of 2008, and things got a little emotional. Unfortunately, this picture was snagged of her and found its way onto the web. We can't blame Patrick for this one, as I'm sure not many people look their best when crying. The good news is that these were tears of joy following a significant achievement.

Fun fact: The Bridgestone Indy 300 took place in Motegi, Japan, and Patrick's win made her become the first female to win a major open-wheel race.

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