Ranking The Top 25 NASCAR Tracks For Fans To See A Race

NASCAR is one of America’s most popular sports. For over six decades, fans have fallen in love with the auto racing franchise in which drivers compete to win a trophy and call themselves champion.

Originally, NASCAR was mostly a sport popular in the south, but as the sport grew bigger, it spread out towards the West Coast. Drivers like Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick, who hail from California brought attention to the sport. With the sport gaining more fans across the country, they started to branch out into other territories, starting in the West Coast where a majority of their races are held.

Aside from the south and west, there’s also lots of NASCAR tracks in the Midwest and East Coast. No matter where NASCAR fans are from, they’re sure to find a track nearby that they can visit. Between the Monster Energy, Xfinity, and Craftsman Truck Series, NASCAR has a lot of tracks on their schedule. With the sport racing 36 weeks out of the year, they sometimes visit a track two times, but sometimes a track only gets one race during NASCAR season. Each track is shaped differently, which makes it unique and sometimes a challenge for drivers. However, it also provides plenty of excitement for the fans watching.

While most fans tend to watch at home on television, there are others who prefer to attend a race to see the action in person. So for today’s list, we’re taking a look at the 25 best Nascar tracks for fans to see.

25 Eldora Speedway

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Kicking off the list is an Ohio track that many NASCAR drivers love, Eldora Speedway. The track plays host to drivers of the Craftsmans Truck Series, who visit the speedway.

What makes this track different from others is that it’s made of dirt instead of asphalt.

While mostly sprint cars are known to race on dirt surfaces, NASCAR trucks soon began to race at speedway, which made for entertainment as fans watched the trucks drive around the track. Whether you go for a NASCAR truck race or sprint car showdown, this track is sure to provide plenty of entertainment.

24 Road America

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A majority of NASCAR tracks are known for their oval shapes; however there are a few road courses with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Road America in Wisconsin is a road course that has 14 turns. The track was known mostly for hosting the IndyCar series, but in June 2010 the NASCAR Xfinity Series began racing at the course. Every summer, the track plays host to the Xfinity drivers, who come here hoping to cement their status as a road course king.

23 Kansas Speedway

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Starting in 2001, all three of the NASCAR series began racing at Kansas Speedway. The 1.5 mile, tri-oval track as provided lots of action over the years. The Xfinity Series along with Craftsman Truck Series race there only once a year. But the Monster Energy Series visits the speedway two times.

Their first race of the season at Kansas is on Mother’s Day weekend, where the drivers race under the lights on Saturday night.

The second race occurs during October when the battle for the championship has begun and the drivers put everything on the line to win.

22 Chicagoland Speedway

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The 1.5 mile Chicagoland Speedway became one of NASCAR’s tracks in the summer of 2001. For ten years, the Chicagoland races were held in July, but in 2011 NASCAR officials decided to switch things up. The race was moved to the middle of September to coincide with the beginning of the playoffs. With 16 drivers vying for the coveted championship, the excitement level at Chicago was at an all-time high. Fans can see drivers pulling out all the moves to secure a win and their spot in the cutoff round.

21 Richmond Raceway

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Every NASCAR fan knows short tracks are part of the sport’s schedule. With 36 drivers going around on the small raceway, things tend to get interesting. For over six decades, NASCAR has visited Richmond Raceway twice a year to provide Virginia residents with lots of entertainment. Like a few other tracks, Richmond Raceway has lights, which means drivers can race into the night. Most of Richmond’s races are in the night time, however there have been occasions when they’ve raced in the daytime. Richmond was a crucial track on the NASCAR schedule because it was the last race before the cutoff for The Chase.

20 Kentucky Speedway

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A little known fact about Kentucky Speedway is that it opened in June 2000, making it one of the youngest tracks in NASCAR.

The speedway started out by hosting the Craftsman Truck Series along with the Xfinity Series.

The track became popular with fans who followed the two series, however it wasn’t until 2011 when Kentucky was added to the Monster Energy Series.

Kyle Busch would go on to win the inaugural race. Kentucky Speedway has provided excitement as former Xfinity driver along with Monster Energy drivers compete at the nighttime race.

19 Homestead-Miami Speedway

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All tracks on the NASCAR circuit, but none as important as Homestead Miami Speedway. The Florida tracks hosts the last race of the NASCAR season. With four drivers battling for the championship trophy, the excitement heading into Homestead is at an all-time high. Fans fill the grandstands watching to see who will be crowned NASCAR’s newest champion. Starting into the daytime and heading into the night, Homestead Miami Speedway is the perfect place to have NASCAR celebrate the end of its season.

18 Texas Motor Speedway

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Since its grand opening 22 years ago, Texas Motor Speedway has become one of the biggest tracks on the NASCAR circuit. Originally, the 1.5 mile quad-oval track only hosted one race per year. Yet, by 2005 NASCAR added another Texas race to the schedule. The first race takes place in April, while the second one occurs in November, two weeks before the end of the NASCAR season. Whether it’s a springtime night race or a fall race with the playoff drivers fighting for their championship shot, there’s certainly going to be lots of drama at Texas Motor Speedway.

17 Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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Once a year, NASCAR fans flock to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to see their favorite drivers in action. Las Vegas is just one of the many tracks NASCAR stops at for their West Coast tour, which takes places after the beginning of the season.

In 2018, NASCAR announced that Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be hosting another race on their schedule.

In September, the speedway will host the first Chase race of the 2018 season. Both drivers and fans will get to test their luck as they return for the start of the NASCAR playoffs.

16 Dover International Speedway

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Known as The Monster Mile, Dover International Speedway lives up to its name of being a scary track. The 1 mile oval short track is unique because it’s made of concrete, which makes racing exciting for the drivers and fans. For nearly 50 years, fans have flocked to the Delaware track to watch their favorite NASCAR driver compete for the monster trophy. Plus, with it being a short track and drivers not having much patience, things can get pretty intense on and off the speedway.

15 Watkins Glen International

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Watkins Glen is the second road course track on the NASCAR schedule. Every August, drivers from the Monster Energy Series along with the Xfinity Series, visit the 3.4 mile raceway in the small New York town. With eleven turns, this road course has drivers test their concentration and patience as they work their way towards the front. The grandstands at the pit road and finish line, provide fans not only with a glimpse of the action, but also give them a good view of the entire track.

14 Auto Club Speedway

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Located in Fontana, California, Auto Club Speedway has become a hotspot for NASCAR fans. The 2 mile track has seen lots of action thanks to its high banking, which makes for interesting viewing when cars pass each other.

For 21 years, Auto Club Speedway has welcomed NASCAR drivers and teams to the West Coast.

Not only do local NASCAR fans visit the track, but there’s also been a few celebrities who’ve been known to stop by to watch a race. Auto Club is the perfect track for fans, who want to catch a NASCAR race and maybe catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity.

13 New Hampshire Motor Speedway

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Every summer and fall, NASCAR drivers visit The Magic Mile aka New Hampshire Speedway. Located in the town of Loudon, the speedway is unique due to its flat surface, which makes passing easy. Fans in the New England area make the trek every year to watch their favorite drivers battle it out on the speedway. While they watch the cars zoom around the track, they can feast on lobster, which is just one of the dishes served at the track.

12 Michigan International Speedway

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Michigan is known as the home of many car manufacturers, so it’s no surprise that they’d have their own speedway. With so much history steeped in Michigan, their speedway is one of the top tracks listed by NASCAR drivers as their favorite. Twice a year, drivers embark on the journey to Michigan International Speedway with a passion to win the race for their manufacturer. Michigan International Speedway is not only a great place to watch a NASCAR race, but it also provides a lesson in history from the automobile industry.

11 ISM Raceway

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Located in the middle of the Phoenix desert, ISM Raceway has become a hot spot for NASCAR fans. The raceway has been in business since the 1960s, however it wasn’t until 1988 when NASCAR began racing at the track.

They originally only raced there once a year, but as the attendance grew, they added another date to the raceway.

During the spring and fall months, fans beat the humid Arizona heat as they enjoy the sights and sounds of NASCAR engines roaring to life.

10 Martinsville Speedway

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Known at The Paperclip, Martinsville Speedway is one of NASCAR and Virginia’s oldest short tracks. Built in 1947, it’s been on the NASCAR schedule for over 70 years. Not only is it a favorite track among fans, but drivers as well. Twice a year NASCAR visits the speedway with their last race coming towards The Chase playoffs. With the drivers aiming for a championship along with the short track tempers flaring, the excitement level is amped up. Plus, the addition of lights at the speedway will make for thrilling night races.

9 Pocono Raceway

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Most race tracks are oval shaped, then there are road courses with their various turns. But Pocono Raceway stand out amongst all NASCAR tracks because it’s shaped like a triangle. The Tricky Triangle as it’s commonly referred to is nestled in the tranquil of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. While the nearby woods provide serenity, the track has lots of noise as the cars try to maneuver around the three-sided track. Pocono is a good track for any fan that wants to see it’s unique design or take in the majestic beauty of the nearby mountains.

8 Atlanta Motor Speedway

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The South is one region that NASCAR was very popular in and a majority of the tracks in that area held a lot of the sport’s races. One place that holds a lot of history in NASCAR is Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Since 1960, the track has become a mainstay on the NASCAR schedule.

In November 1992, fans saw history when racing legend Richard Petty raced his last race, and Jeff Gordon made his debut as a driver at the speedway. Aside from its history making moments, Atlanta is known as one of the fastest tracks on the circuit with drivers breaking records for speed.

7 Darlington Raceway

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With a race that runs from the day into the evening, fans and drivers have a long date night with this track. Known as The Track Too Tough to Tame, Darlington Raceway often tests the patience of drivers. Throughout the course of a race, drivers are known to clip the wall and earn them an infamous stripe on their car. Darlington Raceway is a fun track for fans looking for an exhilarating race. Plus, during NASCAR’s Labor Day weekend race, they have a throwback night where the cars are painted with retro designs.

6 Sonoma Raceway

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Sonoma Raceway is the first road course track that NASCAR drivers visit during the season. The 12-turn raceway is located in the heart of Sonoma, which is a California town famous for its vineyards. Every summer, drivers and fans get to unwind a bit when they head to Sonoma. They get to sample some wine and enjoy the scenery of Sonoma. Then when the weekend comes, it’s all business as fans fill the stands, watching the cars maneuver around the twisty track.

5 Bristol Motor Speedway

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There are a lot of short tracks on the NASCAR schedule, but none quite as popular as Bristol Motor Speedway.

The track has lots of nicknames including “Thunder Valley”, and with the way tempers flare during a race, it lives up to its name.

The half mile track has two races per year, one in the day and one during the night. The coliseum style raceway will make fans feel like they’re in a stadium as they watch the cars zoom by, plus if they’re lucky they may see a few drivers get into scuffles.

4 Charlotte Motor Speedway

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Charlotte, North Carolina is the home of NASCAR. Not only is the headquarters located there, but there’s lots of teams and drivers who call Charlotte home. Three times a year, drivers get to race at their home track. The first race is the All-Star Race, where they battle to win $1 million. The second race is the famous Coca Cola 600, which is the longest race of the year. The last race takes place in the fall of the year during the playoffs. Charlotte Motor Speedway is a good track to watch exhilarating racing, plus fans can also get the chance to visit nearby NASCAR attractions.

3 Talladega Superspeedway

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No race track provides more heart-pounding action than Talladega Superspeedway. The Alabama track is known mostly for restrictor plate racing, with cars going close to 200 mph. Anxiety levels are at all-time high for fans and drivers whenever they go to this track. It’s known for causing “The Big One”, which is multi-car wrecks that take plenty of drivers out of the race. With The Big One happening at any moment, fans won’t be able to sit down as they watch the drama unfold at Talladega.

2 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a track filled with history. For close to 100 years, the track has hosted lots of motorsports factions.

Their most famous race is the Indy 500, which is one of the biggest races of the year.

In 1994, NASCAR hosted their first race at Indianapolis, called the Brickyard 400. Since then it’s become an important race among fans and drivers. Every year, fans fill up the seats in the speedway to watch history being made as the drivers compete for a chance to kiss the bricks.

1 Daytona International Speedway

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All tracks on the NASCAR circuit are important, but none hold more history than Daytona International Speedway. In the 1950s, NASCAR drivers used to race on Daytona Beach Road Course. Then NASCAR Founder Bill France Sr. decided to build a track nearby, and Daytona International Speedway was born. The 2.5 mile superspeedway hosts the season opener and one of the biggest races of NASCAR, the Daytona 500. The historical race is a good way to kick off the season as drivers compete for the right to be called the next Daytona 500 champion.

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