Top 10 Reasons NASCAR is Better than F1

When it comes to the bitter war between NASCAR and Formula 1 for fans it’s impossible to convince either party to concede defeat. You’re either NASCAR or F1, very rarely will you find a middle ground. There is no mystery why the two sports clash heads. In short, they represent two ends of the same spectrum in motorsport.

On one hand is the most American of American sports: NASCAR. Brimming with explosive power from start to finish, NASCAR is a collision course jam-packed with entertainment. Approaching speeds of 217 mph, a NASCAR driver’s battle is akin to Mad Max battling through Fury Road, traveling high octane across heavy piles of fast flying metal.

Contrast this with the neat and tidy world of F1. From their pampered yachts in Monaco to playing politics during contrived media conferences, formula one drivers look as though they would rather spend their time shooting cologne commercials than engage in an actual race.

Chances are if you’ve seen the first 30 seconds of an F1 Grand Prix, you’ve seen the best part. Nine times out of ten, the front runner will storm to victory on the back of a new set of rules and guidelines that change season in, season out. NASCAR delivers for those that love an underdog, and who doesn’t love an underdog?

However, NASCAR detractors have a decent case to argue. The drivers turn in the same direction for hours on end, the fans are loud and a little on the simple side, and there is not a lot of subtly or mystique about the racers or the race. But does any of that actually matter? Motorsport is about entertainment and NASCAR deliveries on that front hands down.

Time to shake and bake! Here are 10 reasons why NASCAR is better than F1.

10 10. Unpredictability

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9 9. F1 Burdened by Rules

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How bad are the rules in formula one? Just ask F1 drivers themselves. Legendary racer Michael Andretti who rose to fame with McLaren in 1993 gave a blunt assessment to Top Gear. “It’s a mess right now. They made a mistake allowing engineers to come up with all the rules.”

8 8. Bigger Crashes and Collisions

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From Talladega to Daytona, any second one innocuous bump can lead to a car spinning out of control in a smoking haze, forcing drivers to use their instincts just to stay alive. Winning a NASCAR race is a bonus, coming out of the death trap in one piece is the main goal for these adrenaline junkies.

7 7. NASCAR Stock Cars Look Like Real Cars

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The science and engineering behind formula one vehicles is nothing short of remarkable. From the slique design to the KERS and everything in between, an F1 car is a stunning piece of work. But it’s a little too good. How can anyone relate to it? While a stock car has a lot more under the hood than your average streetcar could dream about, the aesthetic style of the Chevy, Ford and Toyota is not far off.

6 6. Fan Appreciation Day

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Sure, F1 has a “fan appreciation day”, so long as you have a VIP pass and millions of dollars paid up front. Let’s be honest, NASCAR is a sport that champions the working class. Anyone can dream of becoming a NASCAR driver and the industry knows it.

5 5. Team Harmony

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Sweet 16 parties on MTV are carried out with more decorum than inside an F1 team. Competing to be top dog on the track is an afterthought because fighting tooth and nail for top billing with your teammate is so often the main challenge. Friction between self-obsessed egos is part of the formula one brand.

4 4. F1 is Elitist

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F1 racers compete to fund a lifestyle of the rich and famous. NASCAR racers are in it for the love of the sport, risking their lives every time they step inside the rocket on wheels. F1 is held hostage to the whims of eccentric British billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, which shows exactly how out of touch the sport is to the common fan.

3 3. More Female Trailblazers

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2 2. NASCAR Raced in a Coliseum

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The saying often goes F1 is a sprint while NASCAR is a marathon. If a greater test of endurance across a 6-hour race wasn’t enough of a draw card to pull fans across to the other side, the sheer ferocity and proximity of a crowd surrounding the track like a pulsating prehistoric bullring should be cause enough.

1 1. Sexier Product

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What makes something sexy? They know what they got and they flaunt it! NASCAR rocks its assets better than anything on the planet. Sexy cheerleaders, fireworks, bright lights, country western, caravan barbecues, American flags, burning rubber and big, loud cars. It is the United States in a nutshell. The sport is dripping in sex appeal and is perfectly comfortable in its own skin.

Turn the television over to the German or Dubai Grand Prix for poor old F1. Vast landscapes of sand and grass belies a motorsport that clings to a few dramatic moments across a season. Formula one is desperate to stay relevant. A few popped champagne bottles delivered by a beauty queen can’t disguise the fact NASCAR is a sexier product.

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Top 10 Reasons NASCAR is Better than F1