Top 15 Hottest Formula One WAGs

While we all dream of living life in the fast lane, the truth is that very few of us actually get the opportunity to do it. The drivers featured in this list are so lucky that they get to do it in mor

While we all dream of living life in the fast lane, the truth is that very few of us actually get the opportunity to do it. The drivers featured in this list are so lucky that they get to do it in more ways than one. That’s because they love life in the fast lane both on and off the track. On the track they represent some of the world’s most skilled drivers, which is of course the main reason why they headline races on the Formula One circuit.

Away from the racetrack they prove there is no time to slow down by dating some of the hottest wives and girlfriends in the world. It is in honor of these speed demons and the hot chicks that stand by them through thick and thin (sometimes just for a short while and other times all the way to the altar) that we present to you the Top 15 Formula One WAGs. Without even reading any further you could probably guess that many of them maintain a high profile themselves and pretty much all of them are hot enough to work as supermodels, although some do and some don’t.

Of course when your husband or boyfriend is a rich racecar driver and you're smoking hot, the world is your oyster and you can pretty much play it however you want. While most of us may never feel that way, at least these women can take us off to a faraway land for a little while as we imagine what it would be like to be a racecar driver, not for the racing part of it but rather the off-track part.

Not surprisingly, many of these gentlemen have stuck to one WAG pretty consistently, then when you see their pictures, you’ll know exactly why. Here’s the list for your viewing pleasure…

15 Charlotte Evans


Charlotte Evans is a beauty. Blonde girl next door to say the least, Charlotte has a gorgeous face and perfect smile, two features that should never be underestimated. She’s also slim and tall, making men out their wish they were F1 drivers just like Bruno Senna. Evans also happens to be pretty close friends with another F1 WAG on this list, Gabriella Tarkanyi. It’s obvious birds of a feather flock together.

14 Gabriela Tarkanyi


Pastor Madonado and Williams teammate Romain Gosjean, as we’ll see in a second, seem to both know the script one should use when it comes to bagging good looking women. They drive for the same team and they both married absolute bombshells. This girl looks gorgeus no matter what the scenario….celebrating, watching her husband race nervously, in the middle of pregnancy. Moldonado is one lucky guy.

13 Jenni Dahlman


Kimi Raikonnen and Jenni Dahlman got married way back in 2004, but they’re now divorced. While one may think that takes Dahlman off of the list of WAGs, we decided to give credit where credit is due. She’s hot, speaks three different languages, an equestrian rider and of course she models. Odds are Raikonnen’s not too worried these days, the other gentlemen and their fellow WAGs probably gives him hope. Not that Kimi reads The Sportster or anything.

12 Marion Jolles Grosjean


Romain Gosjean sure has the life. The guy drives for Lotus-Mercedes, but when he’s not behind the wheel driving cars, he’s more than just test driving with Marion Jolles Grosjean. The two wed in 2012 and gave birth to a son in 2013. Romain sure does know how to pick ‘em. His journalist wife could easily be the top story on the front cover, particularly of a male focused magazine given how hot she is.

11 Vivian Sibold


Nico Rosberg, much like only a few select fellows on this list, has stayed with the woman who stood by him the longest, and how can you not when that woman looks like Vivian Sibold? The two grew up childhood friends and have been inseparable ever since. That’s commitment right there. But then again, how can you not stay committed when you’ve been friends for that long and turn out to be super rich and successful? Kudos to Nico for recognizing that home is where the heart is, and considering how hot Vivian is, can you blame him for arriving at that conclusion?

10 Jemma Boskovich


One of the rare breeds on this list, driver Daniel Ricciardo stuck with his high school sweetheart, Jemma Boskovich. She’s an absolute hottie, and while he has a decent smile let’s face it, being a racecar driver in Europe throughout high school is basically like being the captain of the football team in America. And of course everyone knows that’s how you land a hot WAG. Chase her early and chase her often. Ricciardo did it and look how well things ended for him…isn’t she smokin’? We certainly think so.

9 Isabell Glock


Changing her last name to match her husband Timo’s is a good call on the part of Isabell Glock, because this woman is absolutely, positively hotter than a pistol. Her maiden name is Reis, which of course means she’s German, not that you jumped to that conclusion or anything. After all, odds are if you’re reading this you’re mesmerized by the picture you’re looking at and only half paying attention. Models tend to do that to us men.

8 Corinna Schumacher


Michael’s sister-in-law is higher on the list, but god bless Michael’s wife Corinna for staying by his side. The F1 legend’s career and life were drastically transformed last year when Michael suffered a traumatic head injury while downhill skiing. Doctors have kept quiet about his progress but recent reports suggest his condition is slowly improving. It’s a sad story to say the least, and it’s obvious Corinna is beautiful inside and out.

7 Cora Schumacher


Like other WAGs on this list, Cora Schumacher’s claim to fame is modeling…specifically erotic modeling. But unlike other models, Schumacher (wife of Ralf) fancies herself quite the voice actor. She starred in the movie Cars. She’s also hot enough to have appeared on the covers of Maxim and GQ magazine. That’s not too bad at all. Cora is an absolute hottie at the end of the day, and you don’t need to be the publisher of a big time men’s magazine to know that. Just look at her.

6 Hanna Prater


While most famous drivers and athletes in general aren’t exactly struggling to find hot models to date, Sebastian Vettel decided to forego that opportunity in favor of a beautiful blonde bombshell he’s known since high school, former textiles student Hanna Prater. While Vettel keeps busy on the track, and who could blame him considering he’s one of the youngest Formula One champs in the game, the couple seems to do what it takes to make things work. Good for them…and more eye candy for us.

5 Xenia Tchoumitcheva


We’re just going to have to call Fernando Alonso’s current squeeze by her first name, Xenia, mostly because trying to type out her last name is quite the task. Alonso has done pretty well for himself throughout his career on the track, and he’s also done pretty well off of it too. Before dating his current Swiss miss. Alsonso dated Russian model Dasha Kapustina and was married to Raquel del Rasario. Feel free to look them up to see how hot they are too.

4 Anna Rafaela Bassi


Ferrari driver Felipe Massa didn’t hesitate to take the plunge and marry Anna Rafaela Bassi in 2007. Who wouldn’t make that decision? He'd have to be a damn fool not to! A Brazilian beauty that runs her own clothing line, they say Brazil plays hosts to the world’s most beautiful women of all, and Bassi proves it…even if you’re like a certain writer at the Sportster who has never been there before, you can guess that whoever ‘they’ are would be right…Brazil is probably amazing female wise.

3 Jessica Michibata


What do you get when you mix a Japanese and Argentinian pairing together? You get the lovely Jessica Michibata. She is of course a gorgeous model type and even if we never told you that, one look at her snapshots would lead you to that conclusion. The pair got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2014 and have since gotten hitched. At 35, Jenson Button is a true F1 veteran, but the fact that he’s getting up there in driver years hasn’t stopped him from bagging a beauty.

2 Michelle Yeoh


At the young age of 20, Michelle Yeoh won the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant. If you’re in the sports business and you’re near the top of the totem pole, like F1’s President Jean Todt is, you’ve got to have something like that on your resume to be part of this exclusive group of WAGs. Not only is she gorgeous and a talented actress in her own right, she’s got guts. Yeoh was deported from Burma in 2011 for portraying Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi in a movie.

1 Nicole Scherzinger


Since they first started dating one another way back in 2007, Hamilton and former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger have split up and gotten back together on several different occasions. It appears they’ve decided to call it quits once again as of February 2015, but we’re putting them in the number one spot because Nicole is an absolute bombshell and famous in her own right. Plus it’s only a matter of time before they get back together again. Nearly eight years of being on and off is proof of that.

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