Top 20 Hottest Pictures of Danica Patrick You NEED to See

There is no denying that Danica Patrick is a bit of a pioneer. She had become a force in the male dominated auto-racing scene. She has helped pave the way for other women who dream of racing at top speeds in high performance cars. She has broken stereotypes and shrugged off criticism that has been frequently lobbed her way. One such unwelcome critique came in May of 2014 when CBS New York named her the 5th Most Overrated Athlete. This type of negativity just fuels Danica’s lust to compete.

Danica was born in Wisconsin but she grew up in Roscoe, Illinois. She was a typical girl who found a passion for driving go-karts as a 10-year-old. She attended Hononegah Community High School in nearby Rocton, Illinois where she was a member of the cheerleading squad. She dropped out but went on to earn her GED. When she was 16, Danica left the United States to pursue a career in auto racing in England. She quickly honed her skills and before long she was competing in the IRL Indy Car Series where she won Rookie of the Year honors in 2005. Her popularity soared and there was no looking back.

Danica got a lot of attention for her racy GoDaddy commercials in which she was often seen strutting her stuff in various revealing outfits. Unfortunately, GoDaddy pulled out of NASCAR in 2016, leaving Danica short one long-time and primary sponsor. Fans have lost any hope of seeing Danica Patrick in another hot GoDaddy commercial but they can take solace in taking in 20 pictures of Danica Patrick you NEED to see.

20 Taming the (Shelby) Cobra

via autoblog.com

Danica looks at the camera as she suggestively hovers beside a vintage Shelby Cobra. She proudly shows off her driver’s seat while maximizing her shapely profile for us. Her toned body and silky skin catch our eyes as her long dark hair whips around in the breeze. It’s as easy for us to navigate her curves as it is for her to navigate the corners of a NASCAR track. Her sleek design might be more aerodynamic than the Cobra’s.

19 Two Classics

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Most guys would drool over the car, but it’s time to put a bib on when the photographer adds a scantily clad Danica Patrick to the image. Notice the dark accents, the smooth contours and round headlights? And that’s just Danica, never mind the car! It is little wonder this dynamo has become a focal point in the world of racing. If you love classic cars, leather, and skin, then you must take a gander at this sexy picture.

18 Some Loose Ends

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Danica really shows how tight and firm her body is while emphasizing her soft serpentine form. She flirtatiously gazes at the camera while she playfully teases her hair. It’s the kind of image that sticks in one’s head and results in continuous daydreaming. Danica is very comfortable and natural in front of the camera. She isn’t shy to show the world her attractive attributes, which is a good thing for her fans.

17 The 2008 ESPYs

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Danica hit the red carpet at the 2008 ESPY Awards in this short strapless dress with matching high heels and belt. Her shapely legs were prominently displayed for the gallery to gawk at. She would later take the stage at L.A’s Nokia Theater with actor Forest Whitaker to present the “Best Upset” award. The award was given to the New York Giants who stunned the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl earlier that year. Danica didn’t win any awards that night but, she sure managed to win the attention of photographers who captured her every turn. She appeared only too happy to oblige.

16 Under the Hood

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In one of the sexiest photos ever taken of her, Danica poses in front of a 1957 Chevy during this photo shoot. The classic car’s chrome may shine but Danica shines just a little brighter as she poses in her teeny bikini. Patrick’s diminutive frame contrasts with the size of the Chevy, but both she and the car are beautiful and timeless specimens.

15 A Quick Pit

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Now here’s a welcome sight. Danica stretches across the bucket seats of a classic Shelby Cobra as part of her 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot. It usually isn’t proper etiquette to put one’s feet on the leather seats, but Danica can get away with it without a second thought. Her smile and laid-back demeanour indicate that she is well satisfied after a long ride in the iconic car. Her abs are as solid and flat as a NASCAR track surface but her figure has a more dangerous lay-out. It’s a good thing the Shelby has a roll-bar because it’s easy to flip when rounding that first curve.

14 Bumper to Bumper

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So, you’re out for a Sunday cruise with your sweetheart Danica Patrick, when all of a sudden the ’57 Chevy that you’re driving runs out of gas. What do you do? Well, you get Danica to get out of the car and push while you heroically steer it down the isolated desert road to the third nearest gas station. It’s important to make sure that she wears a glossy red leather top, black leather hot pants, and shiny black knee-high spikes. That way, she will look as hot as she does in this picture when she stops for a short rest. If she gets too tired and can’t push anymore, simply use the reserve gas that you have secretly stashed in the trunk.

13 The Rear Suspension Kit

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Uh oh! The photographer seems to have missed something in this 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue picture. The Shelby Cobra is famous for having an attractive rear-end, but the camera person completely over-looked it. Fans of the Shelby Cobra are denied views of the classic rounded trunk and sexy rear quarter-panels. Fortunately, the photographer gives us a glimpse of the Cobra’s chrome exhaust pipes and, if you look close enough, the driver’s side rear-view mirror is slightly visible. That car would be one memorable ride.

12 The Unveiling

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Danica joined fellow celebrities, athletes and models for the unveiling of the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She strutted around in a tight-fitting dress and black pumps for gawkers and photographers who jumped on the chance to take pictures of the dark-haired beauty. The way her shapely backside and toned legs stood out will remain etched in many people’s minds. Her matching earrings, bracelet, and rings gave her a true touch of elegance to compliment her raw appeal. Her rosy cheeks and pearly teeth project a youthful look that makes this picture a classic.

11 Sexy Hood Ornament

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In this picture, the photographer effectively uses the light and puts forth great effort to bring out the beauty and stunning features of the Shelby Cobra’s sleek front end. Danica nails it in this one with her black bikini blending in with the Cobra’s racing stripe. The well contoured surface of the Shelby’s hood compliments Danica’s own smooth and shiny surface. One glaring contrast is the Shelby having its top down while Danica, unfortunately, opted to keep hers up. Too bad it wasn’t the other way around.

10 Pardon Me Ma’am But Your Door Is Ajar

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Danica’s eyes say “Look, but don’t touch” as she sits provocatively behind the steering wheel of a ’57 Chevy. Her unbuttoned leather jacket, short shorts, and glossy lips are quick to get the viewer’s attention. The photographer captured Danica in a vast array of wardrobes, poses and facial expressions which gave each shot a certain unique quality. This shot brings out her serious side while highlighting her incredible bikini model figure.

9 Raising Awareness

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Danica wore pink during October 2013 to help raise breast cancer awareness. Her attire matches the pink Camaro SS pace car on which she leans. In a departure from her bikini pictures, Danica is sporting black denims that snugly cling to her fantastic frame. Danica’s longtime sponsor GoDaddy, along with Chevrolet, were among the many names that made contributions to the National Breast Cancer Foundation during the campaign. Danica supports other causes such as animal and children related charities, especially in the Chicago area. While she needs to be cold and ruthless on the race track, it seems that Danica has a compassionate heart off it.

8 Kids' Choice

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Danica was chosen as favorite female athlete at Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kids' Choice Awards. She arrived at USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles donning a strapless summer dress and high heels. Patrick’s hair was pulled back allowing her neck and shoulders to show. Danica is a natural beauty but she brought her radiant appearance to new heights by wearing a bit of tastefully applied makeup. Despite the way it looks, her clothes were quite modest compared to other outfits we’ve seen her wear, which was appropriate in light of it being a kid’s event.

7 2015 ESPYs

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Danica shows off her tight-fitting palm-patterned dress for the cameras at the 2015 ESPY Awards which was held at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater. Her flowing hair, dark eyes and toothy white smile blend in with her multi-colored gown which really brings out some of her finer points. Of course, Danica’s boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. made sure he was on hand to keep an eye on her as she posed for photographers. Later in the evening, Danica took to the stage with funnyman Ed Helms to present the Best Comeback Athlete Award to New England Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski.

6 On The Hunt

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Danica crawls across the sand like a ravenous cat stalking its prey. Imagine being trapped alone on a desert island and having Danica Patrick wash ashore. It would be an uplifting moment, even if it was just a hallucination. Her frilly white bikini leaves just enough to the imagination and gives us an idea of what she would look like in a simple loin cloth. Her eyes intensely focus on the viewers who anxiously wait to get pounced on. As Danica slowly comes closer, it is becoming more and more obvious that she didn’t bring any cold beer with her. Still, we appreciate her coming around.

5 Transformation

Via cdn01.dailycaller.com

Danica makes everything brighter on what appears an otherwise cloudy day. She is shedding her jumpsuit in favor of her bikini, which always excites her fans. It makes us wonder whether she wears a bikini under her jump suit when she is competing on the racetrack. Danica’s smooth flowing body is calming as it stands out in front of the choppy ocean and grey sky. Her revealing white string bikini reminds us to floss regularly. Should anybody be wondering if the jumps suit comes off, they can find out by seeing the rest of the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo-shoot.

4 Sunset

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Danica poses for a shot under the sunset in one of the last beach photos taken for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The Sun’s rays glisten off of the ocean’s surface behind Danica, giving her tanned body a bright aura. She has mysteriously misplaced her bikini top, so she ingeniously uses her left arm to cover up while her right hand is free to primp her hair. What dexterity! However, Danica has left that one crucial string unguarded giving us a rare glimpse of vulnerability. It’s probably better to leave her be and enjoy the view while there’s still sunlight.

3 American Country Awards

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She doesn’t miss a step and looks right at home on the red carpet. This is a picture of Danica’s arrival at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay to co-host the 2013 American Country Awards. She looked great in her low-cut sleeveless dress and matching accessories while she smiled confidently for the cameras. Later in the evening, Danica delighted the audience by dressing up as a chorus girl and performing a routine with other dancers. She showed her talent for dancing and did not look out-of-place. She playfully joked to the audience that there would be “no chance” of a wardrobe malfunction happening.

2 Best Dressed

Wearing a form-fitting white dress and the obligatory high-heel shoes, Danica Patrick was the talk of the 2014 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles. Her choice in clothes earned her the title of best dressed athlete at the annual awards show. She even beat out the smoking hot Maria Sharapova. This photo proves that Danica doesn’t need to rely on wearing a bikini to turn heads. She could wear a baggy burlap potato sack and still look awesome. Still, if given the choice, a lot of her fans prefer to see her in a bikini.

1 Changing Gear

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Yowzers!! This picture is one of the hottest shots that Danica has ever posed in. Seeing her in various phases of undress is thrilling enough but she gets her fans even more worked up when she is actually shown in the process of undressing. She has our heads spinning as she lustfully lowers her jumpsuit to reveal her fine figure and bodacious behind. Thank-you Sports Illustrated for providing Danica Patrick fans with such a delightful feast for the eyes. While she is exciting to watch when she is behind the wheel, she is more exciting to watch when she is modelling in a tight white bikini.

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