Watch This Rally Car Crash From Inside The Car!!

During a FIA World Rally Championship race in Guanajuato, Mexico, driver Ott Tanak and his co-pilot Raigo Molder took a fast turn on a gravel road and lost control of their car. The car began to skid and slide and it is at that moment that the video switches to an inside the car/POV view as they went over the bank, flipped over and landed in the water below.

The craziest part of the video is that for a  second everything seems fine (or as fine as things can be after one has flipped their car over a bank) but from the inside view you can't see just how fast the car is sinking. Tanak and Molder are just able to get out before water rushes in and fills the vehicle. Moments later the car has disappeared under the water.

And yes, everyone walked away safely!

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