15 Footballers Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate's Wife

Regardless of whatever sport we want to talk about, a team is like a family. Teammates in professional sports are nothing short of brothers. The reality of the fact is that these guys spend more time together than they spend with their respective families. Can you imagine how painful it would be for someone inside of that brotherhood to blatantly betray another member’s trust?

Well, the reality is that this happens more often than people would like to believe. Football (soccer), especially in the Premier League and the other major leagues in Europe, is a sport that brings together people from all kinds of cultures. Just in the Premier League, we have players who come from Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, and all corners of the globe. It is a given that some of these guys will have different values than the others, but regardless of the culture that you come from, the one thing that is unacceptable everywhere is treachery. And there is no bigger treachery for a man than to have his significant other cheat on him. Now multiply that by 1,000, because that is the level of betrayal that we see when a teammate is responsible for that affair. It's just like betraying a brother. In these guys' minds, there is no difference. Even if there was, it would still be more than messed up. To name a few of these dirtbags, here is a list of 15 footballers who allegedly slept with a teammate’s wife.

15 Thibaut Courtois (Kevin de Bruyne's Girlfriend)

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Now, this is the kind of story in which we don’t know whom we should feel sorry for. At the end of the story, you might feel bad for Kevin de Bruyne. But at the beginning of the story, he is the villain. De Bruyne is now a star midfielder for Manchester City, but when this affair happened, he was still playing in Germany for Wolfsburg. At that time, he was dating a woman named Caroline Lijnen. But, as a young football star, the guy couldn’t contain himself and ended up jumping the fence and sleeping with his girlfriend’s best friend.

Little did he know that his girlfriend had a vengeful side to her. So how did Caroline respond? She went to one of his Belgian National Team teammates, 6’6” goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, and cheated on de Bruyne.

14 John Terry (Wayne Bridge's GF)

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Let’s start this list off strong. No case of a footballer sleeping with a teammate’s wife was as messed up and as publicized as when John Terry slept with Wayne Bridge’s wife. Fun fact, these guys were teammates in the English National Team (and former teammates at Chelsea), and Terry was the captain. So here is the scenario: the captain of the freaking team slept with one of his teammates’ girlfriends and got her pregnant. Yes, this is not a joke, it literally happened in 2010, right before the World Cup.

Needless to say, the locker room was a mess after the scandal. Not only that, but both of their personal lives would spiral down. Because while Bridge had the cheating girlfriend, Terry was a married man. Oh yeah, there was also the rumor that Terry forced the cheating girlfriend to have an abortion. You can’t really top that.

13 Paul Terry (Dale Roberts' Wife)

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No, this is not a typo. You better believe it, being a dirtbag runs in the family. You just heard the story of John Terry, who slept with a teammate’s girlfriend. Now, you will hear the tale of his brother Paul, who managed to one-up his brother and slept with a teammate’s wife. Before we get into it, we’re just trying to picture what the household was like when these two were growing up, for them to turn out to be such dirtbags?

Paul’s affair also surfaced in 2010, as it came to light that he was sleeping with his teammate Dale Roberts’ wife. Roberts was just a 24-year-old goalkeeper trying to make a name for himself, but he could not cope with the shame and ultimately took his own life that same year.

12 Jordan Ayew (Afriyie Acquah's Wife)

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Jordan Ayew is currently a forward for Swansea City, a struggling side in the Premier League, but Ayew is one of the figures in the team who can pull his own weight and still do some damage when playing against the larger clubs. So far this season, he has played nine Premier League matches and scored one goal as well as dished a pair of assists. But we’re not here to talk about his Premier League play. Aside from his club, Jordan is also a valuable member of the Ghana National Team, and you know exactly where we are going with this, right?

Yes, in 2015 the world found out that good old Jordan over here had slept with the wife of his teammate, Afriyie Acquah. Sorry, “slept” might have been an understatement. These two supposedly had an affair for four years.

11 Tommy Docherty (Team Physiotherapist's Wife)

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Get ready to jump back in time because we are going old-school for this next entry. The last Scottish manager to take charge at Manchester United before the Sir Alex Ferguson era, Tommy Docherty was quite the unique manager. He was good at his job, and helped United to an FA Cup title and had tallied a total of 107 wins in 228 games before he was booted from Old Trafford. But that is not what he became known for. We were talking about teammates sleeping with each other’s wives, but how would you feel about a coach who slept with one of his players’ wives?

Well, Docherty didn’t go that far, but he was sacked from Manchester United because he was caught sleeping with the team’s physiotherapist’s wife, which is still pretty bad.

10 Rafael van der Vaart (Khalid Boulahrouz's Wife)

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This is quite the controversial occurrence. While most of the tabloids swear that this affair began while Sabia Boulahrouz was still married to former Hamburg player, Khalid Boulahrouz; both Sabia and Rafael van der Vaart say that they only started seeing each other after Sabia split from her husband.

Before we get into all of that, let’s just elaborate a little bit on the background here. Vaart, a former Tottenham midfielder who also played for the Dutch National Team met Sabia while he played for Hamburg in Germany. The catch is that they met because Sabia was married to Khalid, who was Vaart’s teammate at Hamburg. The couple eventually got divorced, but the connection between Sabia and Vaart after the split was just too quick for the tabloids to believe what they claimed.

9 Michael Ballack (Christian Lell's GF)

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Michael Ballack is one of the greatest players ever to wear the German National Team jersey. The man played a total of 98 games wearing Germany’s jersey and scored 42 goals. He played for major teams around the world like Bayern Munich and Chelsea. However, Ballack was not one of those guys who went his entire career without controversy. The influential midfielder found himself in quite the pinch when he was accused by one of his Germany teammates, Christian Lell, of impregnating his girlfriend.

This happened in 2010, and Ballack had been married to Simone Lambe since 2008, so one can imagine the hit that had on his relationship. Nevertheless, the scandal was not enough to destroy either relationship as Ballack stayed with his wife and Lell did not give his girlfriend the boot.

8 Christian Keller (Jonas Borring's Wife)

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Now we move from one of the world’s football powerhouses to one of the up-and-coming nations in European football. It was in Denmark that the interesting case of Christian Keller and Jonas Borring happened. Like that dirtbag John Terry at the beginning of the article, Keller was nothing less than the captain of Randers, the team both he and Borring played for in Denmark.

A captain should have the responsibility to keep the locker room in check, and his fellow teammates motivated. It turns out that Keller was not fit for the job.

The homewrecking captain decided it was a good idea to have an affair with his teammate’s wife. From that, one can imagine that someone had to leave the team. And apparently, the one to get the boot was Borring instead of the lousy captain.

7 John Harkes (Eric Wynalda's Wife)

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There are two things we want you to take home after this article. The first one is that while being called up for a national team is in unmeasurable honor and something that could turn a player’s career around, it might not be the best choice for your personal relationships. The second thing we would like to point out is that if you think someone on your team is trying to get into your wife’s pants, you should probably point the finger at the captain first. Or at least, those are the trends we found in this article.

Another story that fits both of those statements happened to the United States National Team at the 1998 World Cup. This time, it was team captain John Harkes who was having an affair with his teammate Eric Wynalda’s wife.

6 Mesut Ozil (Christian Lell's GF)

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Hey, it is okay to be fooled once, but to get caught in the same deception twice? Seriously, Christian Lell is the kind of guy who needs to get his stuff together or at the least dump his significant other. Just years after the supposed cheating scandal that involved his girlfriend and Michael Ballack, Lell was on the covers of newspapers again, this time because he reportedly leaked a series of text messages that his girlfriend had exchanged with German superstar, Mesut Ozil.

The whole story is full of holes, and we seriously do not know how something like this can happen as often as it happened to this guy. But the one thing that seems to be a consensus is that Lell only found this out because he was digging through his girlfriend’s phone without her permission.

5 Mauro Icardi (Maxi Lopez's Wife)

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Sometimes love appears in the weirdest places. Sometimes it happens when you are at a park sitting on a bench. Sometimes it happens while you are drunk at a bar. But sometimes it happens when you are on vacation with your teammate and his wife. This story became one of football’s most notorious love triangles, as Mauro Icardi literally stole his teammate’s wife.

Both Icardi and Maxi Lopez were Argentinian players trying to make a living in Italy, playing together for Sampdoria. And by the looks of it, they were friends for a while. That is until Lopez’s wife decided to leave him only to subsequently marry Icardi.

Icardi’s career took a hit after the scandal, as it is widely believed that for a long time, the only reason he wasn’t called up for the Argentina National Team was that Lionel Messi vetoed it because he is close friends with Lopez.

4 Jean-François Larios (Michel Platini's Wife)

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We cannot enforce it enough that playing on a national team does seem to make some players more prone to having their wives stolen or being cheated on. That is the only explanation we can find for the amount of guys who had affairs with the wives of their national team teammates.

In a more old-school story, we have the tale of Jean-François Larios, a man who was a solid football player for most of the 70s and early 80s but made one wrong turn in his life. Unfortunately for him, that wrong turn involved one of the most iconic French strikers of all time. To make a long story short, this guy had an affair with Michel Platini’s wife. And to make matters even worse, they weren’t only national team teammates. These guys also played together at the club level for Saint-Étienne.

3 Jose Altafini (Paolo Barison's wife)

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The 60s were an interesting time. Back then, things that are just not possible today used to happen all the time. Sure, we have the case of Mauro Icardi who married the teammate’s wife after her first divorce, but could you imagine someone moving in together with the teammate's wife? Well, that is what happened in Italy in the 60s.

Jose Altafini was a legend during his playing days. This Brazilian who later got Italian nationality was one of the great strikers of his time. He played for both Brazil and Italy during his international career, but it was his time in Napoli that we are concerned about. It was during those days that he began having an affair with his teammate Paolo Barison's wife. And apparently, the thing escalated quite quickly as in no time, Barison's wife dumped her husband and moved in with Altafini.

2 Fernando Cavenaghi (Mystery Teammate)

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This is another mysterious teammate cheating scandal. It happened quite recently, in 2015. The day of the most celebrated Argentinian derby was near, and the media supporting each side was trying their hardest to bang up the morale of the opposing side. One of the stories they came out during the preparation for the River Plate versus Boca Juniors derby was that a striker named Fernando Cavenaghi had been having an affair with the wife of one of his River Plate teammates.

But the news was very suspicious. It came out the day before the derby that would decide who would advance in the Copa Libertadores, but there was also the fact that the people who leaked the information didn’t even have the name of the cheated party, as they mentioned two or three possible players.

1 Vanderlei Luxemburgo (Marcelinho Carioca's Wife)

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The number one entry on our list is an especially interesting case because it is surrounded by mystery. The first thing you need to know is that Vanderlei Luxemburgo and Marcelinho Carioca are folkloric figures in Brazilian football. One of them is arguably one of the greatest coaches from Brazil, while the other is a midfielder who won pretty much everything there was to win in the country. These two had several fights throughout their careers as they worked together on several different occasions.

But the fight we want to talk about is one that happened while they were together in the national team. While he was coaching, Luxemburgo did not allow his players to meet any women in the days before games. Meanwhile, he had his fun at the hotel. And, according to the legend, one day a woman who was supposed to spend the night with Luxemburgo ended up spending the night with Marcelinho, and from there, stuff hit the fan.

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