15 Hot Soccer Stars Who Know How To Rock Yoga Pants

Sports apparel is a big yet sometimes overlooked aspect about athletics that sometimes can fly under the radar to the casual fan. When the games are set in motion it’s all just one big conglobation of time. Soccer especially relies more on lighter, casual wear instead of the overly bulky and protective apparel that other contact sports such as football would require. From knee high socks, to shorts the variety of apparel for game time is pretty large. Then there’s training, because you can’t keep up with the game if you can’t keep up with your body. While there are many effective pieces of apparel, yoga pants are a sure favourite.

It’s become something of a joke that the guy who invented yoga pants had ulterior motives. Sure they’re convenient to move around in but damn do they make the people wearing them look good. In fact, since they make the average person look so good just imagine how good they make soccer players look. You won’t see them take the field in them, but many female soccer players prefer yoga pants to traditional short, just because of the comfort and ease previously mentioned. So let’s take it from the top, here are 15 soccer players who know how to rock yoga pants.

15 Toni Duggan

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The young British forward has certainly been making waves on the national scene. Duggan first started her career off in 2007. She quickly established herself as one of women’s soccer’s prominent young talents and was off to Manchester six years later. With Manchester City W.F.C. Duggan not only serves as one of its best players but also its better looking stars. She’s still in her prime as both a professional and a young woman, so soccer fans should expect a lot of great things from her in the future. One thing’s for sure though; she knows how to rock those yoga pants. The red with small black stripes is a nice touch to be honest. You can tell that she loves to work out and looks good doing it.

14 Jonelle Filigno

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Canada is a land filled with beautiful women at every turn. If you had to look through every major Canadian city and try and find its most beautiful inhabitant you’d have plenty to choose from. Some of their athletes aren’t too bad to look at either. That’s especially true when you look at their women’s soccer stars. Jonelle Filigno has been an important part of Team Canada for years. She’s had a very iffy senior career, going from team to team without much staying power, but has been a mainstay on the national stage with 71 appearances. Still though, you can tell that she keeps in shape. If this picture is any indication it’s that Jonelle is still dedicated to keeping her body in playing shape.

13 Ali Krieger

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One of the older entries on this list, Ali Krieger is an experienced veteran who’s had a very successful career since going pro at the age of 19. She’s one of the most solid defenders in women’s soccer and has also branched out into philanthropy throughout her extended playing career. Ali has been on the United States National team since 2008 where she serves as one if the teams cornerstones. She’s bounced around quite a bit in her time and is currently with Orlando. As you can see, Ali remains fit and looks ready to take on the day in some coloful yoga pants. Well we can assume that she’s getting a lot of sun and is packing in those workouts daily. Either way we know she’ll look great.

12 Lauren Sesselmann

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Another one of the older stars on our list, Lauren Sesselmann hasn’t played for a club in two years. An American by birth, Lauren obtained her Canadian citizenship in 2010. She’s currently a valued member of Team Canada, making 46 appearances for the squad. While she hasn’t played for a club in a while, Lauren’s career was on the downswing long before her draught. She had been making progressively less and less appearances over time. But being the perennial pro she is, Lauren still keeps in shape. While she isn’t currently employed at the senior level she’s still got the national team to think about. If pictures like these are anything to go buy, Lauren looks like she enjoys putting time into getting some relaxation into her fitness routine.

11 Anouk Hoogendijk

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Up until now our list has featured a majority of North American soccer stars. But how about we take a look elsewhere for this next entry? The world features a number of talented, beautiful soccer stars and so we’ll turn our attention to one of the Netherlands’ finest beauties. Anouk Hoogendijk is upwards of 30 and still looks fantastic. She looks more like a twenty-something year old really. The star centre back started off back in 2004 and has bounced around quite a bit but is currently settled down with Ajax. Her international career lasted 13 years as of this year, she will no longer be representing her native Netherlands. If pictures like these are any indication then you can expect her to hang on for a while longer.

10 Kaylyn Kyle

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Another Canadian Beauty, Kaylyn Kyle has been around for a while. Starting her youth career in 2002 at the age of 15, Kaylyn has put together a good deal of experience in the sport and is one of the most respected Canadian players out there. Since starting her senior career in 2006, Kaylyn has made a habit of not sticking with one club for longer than two years. She’s drifted around from team to team for most of her career but still managed to be in demand for the better part of a decade. She last played with the Orlando Pride in 2016 and if this picture is any indication, Kaylyn likes the sun. Which is something she may not get enough of up in Canada.

9 Alex Morgan

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She’s probably one of the most famous female soccer players in the world right now. Alex Morgan has established herself as a great talent on the field and an endearing personality off of it. The California native has been in the public eye for several years now and rivals some male American soccer players in terms of recognition. In fact, Alex’s popularity reached such heights that in 2016 she was featured alongside soccer superstar Lionel Messi on the game’s cover. She’s been with Orlando since 2016 but in 2017 had the pleasure of heading to Europe after signing a loan with French team Olympique. Be it over here or out in Europe, Alex is definitely one of the better looking stars on the field.

8 Hope Solo

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Hope Solo is another famous female soccer player that for a time was regarded as the sport’s most beautiful player. In terms of female soccer players Hope is one of the most prolific among her compatriots. She’s undoubtedly the best goalkeeper among her peers and has proven that again and again, while taking center stage for the American national team. Hope actually owns several US goalkeeper records. She’s got the most starts with 190, appearances with 202 and shutouts (102) among others. With all those accolades and all the success that’s followed her you know that Hope gets a good workout in when she can. We’re sure that she enjoys the effort and we have to say she’s got a certain swagger about her that goes unmatched.

7 Adriana Leon

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Here’s another young Canadian star on the up and up for you all to enjoy. Adriana Leon is a firecracker both on and off the field. The young winger is a sight to behold when playing and can easily charm the pants off any fan. Be it her finesse playing style or undeniably good looks, Adriana lives up to the expectations of Canadian women being ridiculously attractive. She played collegiately at both Notre Dame and Florida and had a pretty short youth career before transitioning to the pros. From then its been a lot of moving around and multiple appearances for team Canada. Going by this picture, she’s into more than just cardio. She might look little but don’t let her frame fool you, she’s tough.

6 Carli Lloyd

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Among all the women on this list, perhaps none have had as productive and distinctive a career as Carli Lloyd. The New Jersey native has certainly come a long way since she started out playing for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in 2001. Since then Carli – one of the oldest women in the league – has had a ton of success and made a distinct case to be considered the best among her compatriots. Her career has taken her many places from all over the United States to Manchester where she currently plays. When playing for the US National team she’s one of their biggest and best contributors. Age is just another number in this case. Pictures like these prove it.

5 Morgan Brian

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Another young star on the rise, Morgan Brian ended her college career just a few years ago but has already made a significant impact on women’s soccer. Morgan started her career at the age of 12 and would go on to play for Virginia collegiately. It was a very successful tenure for both her and the program as she quickly made the transition to the pros shortly after she was done. She’s been a member of the Houston Dash ever since and is quickly becoming one of the team’s beacons of hope. On an international level she’s been in the spotlight many times and this has helped her in landing some huge endorsements, including the Adidas one that we see here, showing off these very trippy looking pants.

4 Julia Simic

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If you’ve been following this list so far you’ll notice that the majority of the women featured have either been from America or Canada. That is to say that the vast majority would be familiar to a North American reader. And while those are the players we tend to familiarize ourselves with the most, rest assured we know that there are plenty more out there and we do intend on looking into some of then. For now, let’s look at German beauty Julia Simic. Julia only recently joined the German national team after playing for the U23 team for four years. It’s about time she got on the national lever and started hogging some of that spotlight because she’s much too beautiful to enjoy.

3 Ellyse Perry

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Continuing our brief exploration around the world, this time we’ll take a look south of the equator to our Australian friends. There is often a debate that revolves around two sport athletes in what is prioritized and how one affects the performance of the other. IT’s something we’ve seen alto with baseball and football but not all too much with soccer. So now let’s look into this particular case involving Ellyse Perry. Ellyse is one of the most beautiful soccer players in the world. But she also happens to be a very beautiful and talented rugby star. Both sports have made efforts at retaning the Australian beauty and would you blame them? She’ stunning.

2 Nayeli Rangel

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We continue our look around the borders with a stop closer than we sometimes account for. A large portion of his list has focused on female stars from around North America, and while we’ve gone and looked at other women from different countries, there’s one North American country that it seems as though we’ve yet to mention. Of course, it’s Mexico. Just south of the border, Mexico is very much into soccer. They have a thriving scene for both men and women and house some of the best looking player’s you’ll see. Up next we’ll look at Nayeli Rangel. Nayeli is another up-and-coming young talent who spends the majority of her time on the national team. She looks great in this pre workout photo and has the build of someone who enjoys staying in shape.

1 Sydney Leroux

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Sydney Leroux is hands down the most attractive and most likely recognizable player on this list. To say she’s done well for herself would be an understatement. Since transitioning from Canada to America, Sydney has dedicated her life to her playing career. At the collegiate level and now the pros, Sydney has shown herself capable of handling a challenge. Having never spent more than one year with a squad, Sydney is coming up on her second consecutive with FC Kansas City, though she’s also currently busy with her first child. Regardless, Sydney is one of the marquee talents in women’s soccer. When you look at pictures like this, it’s easy to tell why.

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