15 Pictures Of Karina Tejeda That Will Have Sergio Aguero Regret Their Breakup

Sergio Aguero is one of the greatest strikers in football today. Sometimes it is even hard to believe that this guy is still only 29 years old. Aguero has been stuffing nets for Manchester City since 2011, and he has been doing it at a ridiculous pace. The guy has nothing less than 129 goals in 188 games with Manchester City’s jersey. He is also a prolific scorer for the Argentinian National Team, as he has 33 goals scored in 82 matches. More than anything, he was also awarded the Premier League Golden Boot for the 2014-15 season.

With all of those accolades and goals, also came a worldwide recognition both in terms of fame and money. According to Transfermarkt, Aguero’s market value today is somewhere around €65 million. His salary is also something out of this world. The Argentinian striker is the best-paid player in Manchester City’s payroll, as he supposedly receives about £220,000 per week. Yes, that is a weekly figure that he will keep collecting until his contract runs out in 2019.

Outside of the pitch, Aguero is also quite the interesting character, as he has dated some of the most beautiful women in Argentina. For four years he was married to Gianinna Maradona, who is none other than the daughter of Argentinian legend, Diego Maradona. After that, Aguero did not date for long, as he quickly settled into a long-term relationship with Argentinian popstar, Karina Tejeda. The two of them were together for five entire years until breaking up just over a month ago.


15 Age Difference

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One of the interesting facts about the relationship between Sergio Aguero and Karina Tejeda is their age difference. More often than not, we see older rich guys or even regular football players dating younger women. That is not the case with these two, as Karina is two years older than Sergio. Yes, she is 31 while he is still 29. But when it comes to looks, most people could argue that Karina looks even younger than the Manchester City striker. And since we are here to show some pictures of Karina that will make Sergio regret the end of their relationship, what better way to start than to show that despite having already broken into the 30s, she still looks like she’s in her early 20s. Amazing indeed, fellas.

14 Tough Times

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The relationship between Aguero and Karina was full of happenings. Many of them had to do with the couple arguing in public, one of them having fiery twitter battles with rivals, and many other ridiculous occurrences. But one of the most interesting ones happened earlier in July when Aguero was accused of having allegedly been involved in a fight that occurred while he was out with his girlfriend.

What happened was that, supposedly, a photographer was trying to take a photo of Aguero and his girlfriend, but as some people claim, the striker was allegedly drunk and did not take too kindly to the photographer’s attempt of snapping a pic. The result was that the photographer ended up being threatened and supposedly roughed up by Aguero’s security personnel.

13 Life Goes on

As we mentioned in the introduction of the article, the couple broke up earlier in October, and they have apparently gone on with their lives since. Karina is a superstar Argentinian pop singer, and she has been performing shows despite the breakup. And, judging by some of the recent pictures she has posted on her Instagram, the shows have been going well.

Meanwhile, Aguero has also kept on doing his thing as he scored a goal in his last Premier League outing for Manchester City. He scored one of the three goals City netted on their way to their eighth Premier League triumph this season. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine that the Argentinian striker would not feel a little sad every time he lurks into her Instagram feed and sees how beautiful Karina looked on that last show.

12 Kids Fight

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One of the things people have to realize when they start dating as older adults is that everyone has baggage. Once you pass your mid-20s, there are few people who are your age and have not yet faced some great challenge in life like a bad divorce or a failed long-term relationship. But the most common thing people come across is that other folks have already had children by the time they started dating again. That was the case with both Aguero and Karina. Aguero had a son with his first wife, Gianinna Maradona, and Karina had a daughter from a previous relationship.

Getting those kids to get along was not easy for the new couple. That became a national headline in Argentina when Gianinna and her father Diego threatened to start a lawsuit because Karina’s daughter called Aguero’s son a sissy on Instagram. Yeah, you cannot make this stuff up.

11 Girlfriend Fight

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Now, there is nothing more hilarious for a person looking from the outside than watching a fight between a guy’s ex and his current girlfriend. That was what the world got to see after Karina’s daughter called Gianinna and Aguero’s son a sissy on social media. While the Argentinian striker tried to play the whole thing down, the women went on a rampage on Twitter.

The feud started with Karina tweeting: “If you’ve got something to say about my daughter ring me and tell me. I can put up with you trying to make me look bad but don’t take it out on my daughter.”

As you would expect from Maradona’s daughter, Giannina answered with a zinger of her own, saying: “I didn’t say anything about your daughter. If you want to get publicity on some showbiz website, that’s not my problem.”

10 Popstar

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If you have clicked on this article and decided to read the whole thing through, there is a big chance that you know very well who Sergio Aguero is. We have talked about his accolades and how he is one of the best goal scorers we have in football today. But it would not be fair to write this entire list and not talk about the musical accolades of his former girlfriend, the beautiful Karina “La Princesita” Tejeda.

Just like Aguero, Karina had an early start to her career, as she was still in her teens when she launched her first musical album. It was in 2004 when Mienteme was released in Argentina. And it must have been quite the hit because, since that first one, she has released 10 more albums.

9 More Twitter Battles

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So, we cannot resist but tell you a little more about that Twitter battle between Gianinna Maradona and Karina. If you thought that the little bit we showed you had been all of it, you were dearly wrong. This is a Twitter battle that lingered on and on, with back and forths that must have driven Aguero crazy trying to put out all of the fires that sure have erupted during the fight.

One of the most memorable tweets that came during the back and forth was when Gianinna tweeted: “Children are reflected in the education they receive from their parents, something which those who have had the privilege of personally meeting Benjamin (Aguero’s kid) can testify to.” The thing kept going on and on, and even Aguero’s sister got involved at some point before all of the messages were deleted.


8 The End

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If you would indulge us, we would like to try to pull a George Lucas and talk about the end of the relationship during the middle of the article. So, it was on October 1 that the news started breaking out that Sergio Aguero and Karina had called it quits. Sorry, we meant to say that it was on October 1 that the news started saying that Karina had dumped Aguero. Yes, it turns out that even if you are a famous and wealthy football player, even the faint idea of you cheating on your girlfriend is enough for you to get dumped.

That was the reasoning Karina gave for a giving Aguero the boot. Apparently, she called off the five-year-long relationship because she came across rumors that her boyfriend had partied with some models in Argentina.

7 The Broken Rib

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To add salt to the wound, Aguero actually suffered two blows in less than one week that sure had to rock his life. Surprisingly, getting dumped was the second one in the order of bad things that happen to Aguero at the end of September and beginning of October of this year. Around the time he got dumped by his popstar girlfriend, the Argentinian striker was involved in a car accident in Amsterdam after a game.

The accident was not life-threatening, but Aguero still suffered from a fractured rib. Who knows, maybe the crash could have been something he could use to save his relationship, but apparently that was not enough, as Karina supposedly only found out that her former boyfriend was involved in an accident from a reporter after dumping him.

6 Busy Careers

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While the nail in the coffin of their relationship seems to have been Aguero’s allegedly parting, the news that the couple had been drifting apart was already buzzing around Argentina since the end of August. Now, if we go research what the Argentinians have to say, you can get anything from cheating scandals to all other kind of tabloid what-ifs and accusations, but the thing we read that seemed most plausible is that their careers were what was getting in the way.

Despite the fact that she could have an international appeal, Karina’s career is centered around shows she performs in South America, especially in Argentina. Meanwhile, Aguero works in Manchester. And it is not like their careers would ever allow for enough free-time that they could travel back and forth to meet each other.

5 Silent Treatment

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Breakups of long-term relationships are never something easy. Still, in the world full of celebrities that we have today, people have become quite used to celebrities seeking reporters and tabloids to comment about the end of their long-term relationships. Hell, we bet there are people who hold press conferences for that kind of thing. And no, we are not kidding this has definitely happened somewhere around the world. Nevertheless, in the wake of their breakup, neither Aguero nor Karina seemed too keen on talking about how they had decided to part ways and what had caused the split.

For example, at the beginning of the “mourning period” of their breakup, Karina was asked more than once by presenters in programs she attended if she wanted to talk about it, and her answer was basically always a simple “no, thank you.”

4 Respect

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If there is one thing fans who actually like seeing a certain couple together worry about after a breakup, it is if both parts will actually remain respectful to their former significant others. That is not always the case, but every once in a while we have breakups that are amicable, and despite their differences, both parts still respect each other.

Thankfully for the fans of Sergio Aguero and Karina, it seems like the two of them will remain respectful about the years they spent together despite whatever caused them to part ways.

Here’s what Karina had to say about that: “As far as he goes, I have a lot of respect for him, and I'm not going to broach the subject here or anywhere else. I've got nothing bad to say and no ill-feeling. The truth is I'm feeling very good.”

3 Going Out?

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Another thing all fans and even reporters are curious to ask celebrities after they get off from a long-term relationship is whether or not they are ready to start dating. More than that, these folks actually want to know if the celebrities are ready to go out and have some fun despite having just gone through a bad breakup. We don’t know about Aguero, but it seems like Karina is completely fine with staying cozy in her home and watching some Netflix.

“Irrespective of whether I'm happy or down, everyone who works with me knows I'm an old woman who never leaves her room,” she said. “Whether I'm with someone or not, I'm not the sort of person who likes going out a lot. I love being alone. I'm pretty boring.”

2 Dark Thoughts

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No matter how calm a person might seem, going through a bad breakup is not easy to anyone. There are those folks who can control themselves and not show any of it in public, but deep down after spending so much time together with one person, it is hard to imagine what life is going to be like without them. While there are couples that stay together for way longer, five years is a long time. So, it is not hard to imagine that, while they might not want to comment and seem to be going on with their lives as best as they can, both Aguero and Karina are not going through some tough times whenever they are left alone with their thoughts.

A perfect and sad example of that is a message the singer left on one of her social media accounts days after the reported breakup. Apparently, she wrote something like: “Although you try some days, you end up wanting to slit your wrists.” A message that she later deleted, but still scared some fans.

1 No Regrets

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While she has already made clear that she still respects Aguero despite the breakup, it may be good for us to point out that Karina really doesn’t seem to have any regrets about the entire time she spent with Aguero. And yes, you knew we were going to come back to this at some point. She maintains that she has no regrets about the Twitter battle that entertained the thousands and thousands of fans who cared to keep up with the whole thing.

And we must admit that she does have a point. When it comes down to it, there was not much wrong with what she said, since all Karina thought she was doing was protecting her daughter from a public spectacle the Maradonas were trying to put together.


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