15 Interesting Photos Of Hope Solo

Hope Solo is perhaps the biggest name in women’s soccer. At 35, she’s getting towards the end of her career but has nothing but accolades and success to show for her efforts as a pro. A senior and national career has propelled her to stardom as both an athlete and a pop culture figure. She owns a multitude of goalkeeper records including appearances, starts, wins and shutouts. Needless to say, she’s set herself apart from a majority of her fellow women goaltenders. Even those unfamiliar with the sport would probably be familiar with Hope seeing as she’s managed to branch out so far into the mainstream. But there’s a catch to all that celebrity and fame.

Those who are familiar with Hope know that her on the field excellence is just one side of the coin. She’s gotten plenty of bad press for her actions off the field and sadly, it’s begun to affect her career. From domestic assault charges to some run-ins with the police and some undesirably comments that have brought into question her sportsmanship, Hope has really dug herself a deep hole. Hopefully, she can manage to steer away from all that bad press and push forward better for it. Here are 8 pictures Hope Solo wants you to see and 7 she doesn’t.


18 Wants: Dancing with the Stars

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Anyone who remotely knows about ABC’s Dancing with the Stars knows it’s where celebrities with dead careers go to get a little taste of the relevance they once possessed. Anytime you pair up untrained dancers with pros, the results are definitely going to vary. But every now and then you’ll get an exception to the rule. Hope appeared on the program back in 2011 which was arguably the peak of her popularity as an athlete and celebrity. She actually did pretty well for herself and made it close to the end of the show, being eliminated ninth, just a week before the third place episode. Hope managed to pull off some pretty solid moves and usually looked good doing it too.

17 Doesn’t Want: Tacky Dance

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While she was pretty successful throughout her time on Dancing with the Stars, Hope had her share of mishaps as well. Case and point, this picture here. This should serve as a reminder as to why she failed to qualify for third place. While we get that whoever was in charge of wardrobe wanted to push Hope’s soccer background in the clothing choices for that week, what you see in front of you is not appeasing to the eye. The duo looks like something the '80s spat out and let’s be honest; this isn’t the most flattering shot of that evening. We’re sure Hope would much rather have her time on the show remembered by the elegant picture above rather than the mess you see in front of you.


16 Wants: Race Car Driver

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Beautiful women and fast cars. It’ a winning combination most of us are pretty familiar with. While this has traditionally been applied to models and photo shoots, women like Hope have been bringing the saying straight to the race track. This is a bit of an older picture but shows off Hope’s adventurous side. Back in 2011 Hope actually drove the pace car for the Brickyard 400. She wasn’t breaking the sound barrier, but still managed to turns some heads with her driving. Maybe she can use the experience and fall back on racing should her passion for soccer dwindle in the near future. As it is with any star player, you can bet that some of her superiors were holding their breath, hoping to avoid any freak accidents. Luckily she came out fine and looked to have really enjoyed the experience.

15 Doesn’t Want: A Weird Halloween

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We’re starting to get into the more unflattering aspects of hope’s life. Which is to say, we’re starting to focus in a little more on what’s been reported about her in her personal life. Hope is an amazing athlete on the field. She’s easily seen as one of the best at her position in Women’s soccer and really, she was the face of the sport for a time. But like many great athletes Hope has trouble keeping it all up behind closed doors. Hope is currently married to former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens and the two have been in the headlines since the start of their relationship. This picture was taken a months into their relationship. The two got married a month later, just hours after Stevens was arrested for assaulting hsi bride to be – though he was not charged and released.


14 Wants: Nike Girl

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Like many big name athletes, Hope has received her fair share of sponsorship offers. Being at the level of success and popularity Hope once found herself, the offers start flooding. Corporations line up to get these people to represent their brand. It can be very profitable for both parties and can only help in propelling an athlete to stardom. Hope appearing in some Nike advertisements isn’t too much of a surprise, seeing as they’ve managed to snag almost every major athlete in the world at one point or another. Still, as women’s sports steadily become attune within the mainstream, fans will be seeing more and more female representation from giants like Nike. For Hope, this was definitely a big moment in her career and something she should be proud of.

13 Doesn’t Want: Two of a Kind

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While her professional life has been nothing but outstanding, Hope’s personal life has been clouded by a number of controversies and tabloid headlines most of us would want to avoid. However it seems that Hope’s just a magnet for the bad press she receives and at one point you’ve got to question why that is. Hope was involved in a domestic violence case a while ago that attributed to the majority of bad press she’s received throughout her career. The incident involved both her half-sister and nephew and involved a good deal of allegations on both sides. It didn’t paint a very pretty picture of her individually and has permanently affected her public image.


12 Wants: Girl Works Out

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Stepping aside from her personal issues for a moment, Hope was once one of the most popular female athletes on the planet at one point in time. She was featured in a multitude of advertisements for large brands and her talents were celebrated by multiple analysts. If there’s one thing she wants her fans to see above anything else, it’s proof of her hard work – or anything else that will paint her in a positive light. Here we get a good look at how in shape hope is. She’s one of the more beautiful women in sports and she shows it here with this epic pose. As much bad press as she’s gotten over the years, she can still fall back on things like this to paint her in a positive light.

11 Doesn’t Want: Burning Bridges

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Much like Hope retired Women’s star Abby Wambach was well known for what she did off the field as much as for what she did on it. The two are both not afraid to speak their minds, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But completely getting rid of your filter can lead to some undesirable consequences. Eventually it all catches up to you, and having two of the biggest personalities in American Women’s soccer going back and forth is bound to create some problems. Suffice to say, these two aren’t on the best terms. The two reportedly clashed quite a bit while teammates and while both are incredibly talented, they both have to work on their ego’s going forward.



9 Wants: A Walk in the Park

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With all the bad press surrounding her, pictures like this are what Hope needs to be spread around instead of the numerous one’s we’ve already seen. Whether it’s genuine or not, these kinds of pictures look good – especially for troubled athletes needing to mend their public image a little. Sound familiar? If Hope’s actual personal life was as serene as this picture depicted it being then she’d have way less bad press. Then again, media outlets wouldn’t really zone in on her as much if she was a model citizen now would they? Anyways, this peaceful picture reflects the kind of press Hope is going to need in the future if she wants to clean up her image and better the public’s perception of her.


8 Doesn’t Want: Some Strong Allegations

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We’ve already covered Hope’s time on DWTS in this article, but this time we’re going to talk about the backstage happenings that went on while she was on the show. As you can probably tell, controversy seems to stick to Hope like flies to a web. As talented as she is, she can’t really escape it. For the most part, we’re inclined to say that that’s no one’s fault but hers – though there have been some instances that were out of her control. In her 2012 memoire, Hope said that her partner on the show – Maksim Chmerovski – was abusive and violent with her. These allegations were met with a lot of disdain from Chmerovski and has understandably led to some bad blood between the two. The less you see of them together the better.

7 Wants: Gold

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Hope is an incredibly successful athlete. That much has been made abundantly clear throughout this article. Whatever bad press she gets, her career accolades stand on their own and as a professional, she’s been an incredibly prolific figure in women’s sports. She’s accomplished a good deal, both individually and as a member of the US Women’s National squad. At 35, she’s getting up there in age and will probably have to leave the game for good in a few years. But you can be sure that when she does walk away she’ll be considered one of the best of her time. Her two Olympic gold medals are proof of what she’s accomplished on the professional level and hopefully it’s what people remember her for.


6 Doesn’t Want: Suspension

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As good of a player as she is, Hope has said and done some pretty questionable things. People’s patience runs thin after continuous distractions erect themselves, stemming from the same player. Public perception is one thing, but when an athlete’s superiors begin to get tired of their antics, that’s when they have to watch their necks. She was suspended once in 2015 for 30 days, but this picture was taken at a different time. This picture was taken right after she found out that she’d be suspended for a whopping six months from the US women’s soccer team while also having her contract terminated. In the video that caught her reaction, Hope is visibly distraught and upset at hearing the news – which is understandable for someone in her position.



4 Wants: Save Machine

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Amidst all the bad press we’ve talked about, let’s jump straight into something that Hope’s been acclaimed for; her goaltending. Hope is pretty much the best female goaltender in the world, her ability is recognized among her peers and critics as well as fans. It’s no surprise to see how popular she became in a given amount of time. It’s because of athletes like Hope that women’s soccer has gotten as popular as it has in the United States, and it could very well pick up more momentum as it goes forward. Sadly for her, Hope’s career looks to be close to its end and she probably won’t be playing anymore once the sport gains more steam in the US. Still, she’ll be remembered for her incredible talent and ability while she played.



2 Doesn’t Want: It Just Doesn’t Go Away

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This is another picture regarding the now infamous domestic violence case Hope was involved in several years ago. There are plenty of pictures of the courtroom online – and plenty more articles covering the situation in great detail. As a public figure, pictures like this are the last thing you want to be seen by a general audience. This didn’t play out well for Hope and damaged her reputation considerably. It’s not hard to imagine why, seeing as reports of her being intoxicate and violent hit the web shortly after. She reportedly got into a verbal altercation with officers upon their arrival and later tried o play the victim on national television. That will hurt anybody’s public image.

1 Wants: Kid Friendly

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Amid all the bad things we’ve talked about and what she’s said in the past, let’s look in on some of the good aspects to Hope Solo. Despite all the reports stating otherwise, you can get a glimpse at her kind side every now and then, though at this point in time she isn’t really in the news for anything good. Interacting with children and encouraging an active lifestyle is something many athletes do. It helps inspire children and pushes them to do better while meeting their heroes. Here we get a good look at Hope instructing young kids on being active. She looks like she’s doing a good job, and this little girl’s happy face says it all.


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