Blind Soccer Player Dribbles Around Everyone And Scores A Goal

The amazing guy with all those slick moves in the video is Yvan Wouandji. He is a 21-year-old, blind, French soccer player and the goal he scored came against Germany in a blind soccer match last Friday.

Watch as he takes the ball in his own half and weaves his way through the defenders before striking the ball right past the goalkeeper for, what would end up being the game-winning goal (the match ended 1-0).

For those of you wondering how blind soccer works (I know I was), here's the deal:

- All players regardless of their level of blindness wear blindfolds/eye-shades so that everyone is equal - except for the goalkeepers who aren't fully blind.

- The ball is loaded with ball bearings so that players can hear it.

- There is a guide behind the goal who is there to direct players when to shoot.

Oh ya, as impressive as the goal is, check out Yvan's awesome celebration as he is able to make his way back to his team's staff and dive on to the inflatable wall to get hugs and back slaps all around!



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Blind Soccer Player Dribbles Around Everyone And Scores A Goal