Chelsea's Eden Hazard Gets Nutmegged By Football Freestyler

People who know of Sean Garnier know how sick is skills are when it comes to working a soccer ball with his feet. And Chelsea star Eden Hazard found out first hand how good they are just the other night.

The event was a show promoting French footballer Rio Mavuba's 'Orphans Makala' charity. At the show Garnier was showing off his incredible skills on stage and then off stage against various VIPs - one of which was Hazard. Eden did alright but he did end up getting nutmegged.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "nutmegged," it is British slang for when a player gets a ball rolled between his legs by his opponent.

You can jump ahead to the 3-minute mark of the video to see Hazard try to go toe-2-toe, or foot-2-foot, with Garnier. But I would definitely recommend watching the whole clip and just enjoying what this dude can do.

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