Cristiano Ronaldo's Face Injury Was So Bad He Borrowed A Phone To Check It Out

Cristiano Ronaldo took a boot to the face on Sunday’s game, bloodying his face so bad he couldn’t wait to get back to the locker room to check out his million-dollar mug.

Ronaldo has a reputation for being the very picture of a narcissistic soccer player. Frankly, who can blame him: with nearly 120 million Instagram followers and both a successful modeling career and clothing line under his belt, the highest paid soccer player in the world has definitely leveraged his good looks equally as much as his fancy footwork.

That said, he did nothing to quell the naysayers on Sunday after he grabbed a cell phone to see just how bad a cut on his forehead was after being on the receiving end of an opposing player’s cleat.

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Real Madrid ended their uncharacteristic losing streak in 2018 by routing Deportivo La Coruna 7-1 during Sunday’s game. Ronaldo earned two goals during the game, but it was the second one that maybe had him rethinking his priorities.


Ronaldo headed a cross-kicked ball into the net but earned a La Coruna player’s boot to the face in the process. Fabian Char’s cleat caught Ronaldo in the head, opening a bloody gash that required the star soccer player to be walked from the field by Madrid’s physiotherapist.

via thesun.co.uk

As the two walked off the pitch Ronaldo asked for his cell phone to check the damage. The look on his face tells you all you need to know about what he saw.

While this game may make Ronaldo think twice about making a risky play in a winning game, he really shouldn’t. The bulk of his career has been based on his incredible play-making ability and not his pretty face. Besides, a little scar on his forehead might even add to his appeal, giving him a rugged, more dangerous look. It would certainly be perfect for those poker advertisements he stars in.

Believe it or not, this is Ronaldo’s first goals of 2018, having finally snapped a scoring drought that stretched back to December 9th. Maybe that explains his overly aggressive heading.


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