David Luiz Gets Yellow Card For Fake Headbutt

PSG's David Luiz used his head for good in the 86th minute of todays Champions League match against Chelsea when he tied the game up with a beautiful header off a corner kick and sent the game into extra time. But 13 minutes prior to that that same head got him a yellow card.

As you can see in the video, Chelsea's Diego Costa brings down Thiago Silva just outside the penalty area with a pretty aggressive challenge. Costa knows right away what is coming as the referee runs over. But, David Luiz has another idea.

You'll have to watch the second replay to see it, but what you'll see is Luiz walking right up to Costa, getting all up in his grill and then jerking his head back pretending like he just got headbutted. My favorite part of the whole video is Costa's reaction. His that-is-ridiculous smile is awesome.

And so is the fact that the ref didn't fall for it. From his angle behind Luiz and with all that hair Luiz has I would think it could have been hard to see that it was all an act. But he wasn't fooled, so kudos to you mister referee!

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