Ever Seen An Own Goal Scored From 20-Yards Out?

If you watch soccer then you have seen own goals. But you might never have seen one like this!

It happened in the 18th minute of a match in the Dutch second division between FC Oss and Eindhoven FC. It all begins with a simple pass from the Oss goalkeeper to one of his players. So far so good. But then said player passes the ball across to teammate Jordi Balk and this is where things go all wrong.

Yes, as the pass is coming to Jordi there is also an opposition player heading towards him and the ball, but he really didn't need to be so anxious about it. He could have easily cleared the ball up the field or at least kicked the ball, along the ground, back to his goalkeeper.

But instead, in a "what was he thinking" moment, this dude decided to bend it like Beckham back towards his goal and everyone watched as the ball sailed way over the keeper and curled perfectly into the goal!


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Ever Seen An Own Goal Scored From 20-Yards Out?