Exclusive: DraftKings Expert Talks Goalkeeper Strategy For One Day Fantasy Soccer

TheSportster recently sat down with DraftKings soccer analyst Jordan Cooper and he highlighted the importance of a good goalkeeper in one day fantasy.

Any of you who have played fantasy soccer in the past will know that it's quite a bit different from fantasy football. In most cases, rather than players being unique to one user, anyone can pick whoever they like, whenever they like. Want to pick up Harry Kane? Go for it. Sergio Aguero scoring goals left right and center? Sign him up!

The trouble with this format is by October time during the Premier League season, everybody more or less has the same starting XI. That means the standings in your league will stay the same barring one of your cheaper players having a stand out week and by Christmas everyone has pretty much lost interest. It's for this exact reason that one day fantasy has become so popular.


When it comes to one day fantasy, DraftKings is at the top of the mountain. TheSportster recently had the chance to speak with DK's soccer analyst, Jordan Cooper who explained to us why picking up a good goalkeeper is so important when playing the one day format of the game. "Sometimes you're picking a goalkeeper not based on if they're going to keep a clean sheet, you're picking a goalkeeper because they're going to face a lot of shots," Cooper explained.

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"You can get a $4000 goalkeeper that gives up two goals but also has seven saves, so that's 10 points and you're able to use that salary and get better players in other positions," the DK expert went on to say. Take Cardiff City's Neil Etheridge for example. Yes, he has kept a couple of clean sheets so far, but the reason he is worth picking up on DK is for the number of saves he has to make in order to get that clean sheet. Even without it, he will still be earning you points.

Obviously, a goalkeeper does not a fantasy team make, not even in one day fantasy. However, the majority of those you're playing against will simply be opting for who they think will keep a clean sheet. Even the best keepers in the Premier League often concede the odd goal. Base your decision on who will face and likely save the most shots and it might just give you that edge you've been looking for. For more tips like these follow Jordan Cooper on Twitter @blenderhd and also be sure to give @DraftKings a follow too.


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