Female Reporter Brilliantly Confronts Fans Who Try To Embarrass Her On TV

There is a "joke" that has been going around for the last year or more where people shout "F*** her in the p***y" at female reporters on live TV. You can see why I put "joke" in quotation marks given how rude and stupid it is. But there are still people doing it and now at least one awesome female reporter has decided to fight back.

Check out how Canada City News reporter Shauna Hunt takes on these idiot fans at Sunday's Toronto FC game. Instead of letting them get away with it, Shauna walks over to the guys involved and confronts them and asks them why they would say such a thing.

Obviously, these dudes weren't expecting the reporter to fight back and they just come across as even bigger douche bags as they try to justify what they did and claim how "funny" it is.

Well Done Shauna!!

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