Footballer Injures Himself Celebrating Win... in a Match He Was Suspended For

Let this be a warning to all the kids out there: celebrating success is serious business. Always stretch and undergo a full warmup before breaking into raptures of jubilation.

That's what Nemanja Matic learned in the aftermath of the Capital One Cup final at the weekend, when the Serbian's attempt at a two-footed joyous slide went terribly wrong.

Sniggers of journalists filled the room on Wednesday when Jose Mourinho revealed that Matic had mildly twisted his ankle as Chelsea boisterously hoisted the trophy at Wembley Stadium over the weekend, having defeated Tottenham 2-0 to claim the silverware.

And like clockwork, footage of the midfielder's awkward tumble appeared. The irony? Matic had been suspended for the contest, only changing into his kit once the 90 minutes was up to revel in the glory with his teammates down on the pitch.

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