Head in Hands! Pep Guardiola Reacts as Lionel Messi Traumatizes James Milner

Poor James Milner. All the Manchester City midfielder wanted to do was go in for a tackle on another mere mortal and carry on with his business at the Camp Nou.

Yet the Englishman made a grave miscalculation. Lionel Messi is no mere mortal, and generally it takes something of an act of black magic to take the ball off of him.

And so our unfortunate Mr. Milner found himself a victim of the Argentine's footballing sorcery instead of coming away with possession, nothing more than a moth who got too close to a scorching flame.

Watching from up in the stands as a guest, former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola held nothing in reserve in reacting to Messi's devastating skill at Milner's expense.

Was it elation? Amusement? Embarrassment?

We certainly all know how Milner felt afterwards.

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