Instagram Closes User's Account To Give It To A Soccer Player

via BigStockPhoto

Ever wondered how athletes who join social media websites conveniently get the perfect usernames? Well, Instagram may have told us how as as they closed a user's account to give it to a soccer player.

Andres Iniesta, a father who likes to take photos of his kids, food and architecture in Madrid had his Instagram account, @ainiesta closed because he infringed the "Terms of Use.”

The next thing he knew, updates from Barcelona player Andres Iniesta were showing up on @ainiesta. The frustrated user eventually wrote a post detailing his problem but later updated that Instagram restored his profile five hours after he posted it.

Iniesta's agency also contacted the user to apologize and stated that they had nothing to do with his account being closed. Maybe it's good idea for most people to check if they share a social media username with a famous celebrity's name.

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