The Least Effective Player On Every Premier League Team Since 2010

The Premier League has seen many superstars come and go over the years, and while much of the limelight is put on the best-performing players in the league, sometimes players also get a share of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. While there have been many amazing soccer players to have attained glory in the Premier League ranks over the years, there have also been some extremely underwhelming players who weren't useful for their teams at all. While the Premier League sides right now might be flowing in cash which allows them to build up strong squads, that hasn't been the case throughout this decade, in which some players have badly disappointed their sides with terrible performances.

Most of these ineffective players were brought in to be the missing spark to their teams, but their poor displays in the Premier League instead resulted in headaches for their sides. Not only have the top clubs had players who underperformed for them, but the relatively smaller clubs have also had their share of disappointing players over the years. Despite being heavily trusted by their clubs, these lackluster players completely let down their fans with some horrible outings for their sides and earned a shameful reputation for themselves in the league.

Since the turn of the decade, the Premier League sides have had their share of underwhelming players, with some of them being especially ineffective and turning out to be really bad acquisitions for the clubs. So let's look at the least effective player on every Premier League side since 2010!

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20 Arsenal - Park Chu-Young

via bleacherreport.com

Park Chu-Young seemed a really monumental capture for Arsenal at first, when he was their first big signing from Asia in a long time, and looked set to add some blaze into their attack. But Park would go onto lose his place in the team way before he even earned one, as he just couldn't manage to cope up with the pressure of the Premier League. Young only went onto make around three appearances for Arsenal, and couldn't score a single goal for them. He was kept on the bench for most his tenure with Arsenal, with Park's lack of improvement doing no good to his starting XI chances and reducing him into becoming an extremely ineffective player for the Gunners.

19 Bournemouth - Frank Demouge

via twitter.com

Frank Demouge's experience of playing for prominent Dutch clubs helped him become a Bournemouth player in 2012 when he moved to the then-League One club for a decent fee. Bournemouth hoped that Demouge could score some important goals for them and help them get promoted into the championship, but it was almost as if his career was over before it even started. Demouge was plagued with injuries, which disrupted his Bournemouth career and he would only play two games in the league for them. Demouge couldn't score a single goal in his tenure with Bournemouth and left a bad taste in the mouth of fans because of his horrible season with the club which had invested so much in him.

18 Brighton Hove & Albion - Will Hoskins

via theargus.co.uk

Will Hoskins was brought in by Brighton because of his experiencing playing in the various English soccer leagues and because of his decent eye for scoring crucial goals for his side. With Brighton lingering in the English Championship back then, Hoskins was a sign of hope for them to try and make it to the Premier League despite having the odds against them. But Hoskins would turn out to be a categorical failure for them and could not perform to his best at all. The striker made 18 appearances for the side, only scoring a single goal in them before being shipped off. Hoskins' disappointing tenure has made Brighton careful on signing strikers and he was one of their most ineffective players ever.

17 Burnley - Leon Cort

via fansided.com

Leon Cort was the powerful, effective striker who could normally thrive at a club like Burnley, but he saw his short career at the club being filled with issues because of his consistently underperforming performances for the Clarets. Cort was given the opportunity to lead the line for Burnley on multiple opportunities in the Premier League, but he was just extremely underwhelming in front of goal. In the 18 appearances he made for Burnley, Cort didn't manage to notch up a single goal and could only provide a few assists. He was absolutely toothless in front of goal and was often overpowered by the opposition defenders, with his ineffective tenure with Burnley costing the club a lot of missed opportunities.

16 Cardiff City - Andreas Cornelius

via Pinterest.com

It was because of Andreas Cornelius' insane potential that Cardiff City pinned most of their hopes in him during their season in the Premier League in 2013, but Cornelius' failure in adapting to the new environment cost him and Cardiff big time. The Danish striker scored many goals at a very young age in his home country, but he just couldn't seem to cope up with the pace and physical nature of the Premier League. He made only 8 appearances for Cardiff in the league and couldn't score a single goal in those. Cornelius' awful performances were a reason for Cardiff's relegation that season and he'll remain as one of their most inefficient strikers for a long time.

15 Chelsea - Yossi Benayoun

via eurosport.com

Yossi Benayoun was quite the stylish player for Liverpool, with his stunning performances making him their trump card for many years before Chelsea swooped him into their own club. Benayoun played really well in the free-flowing soccer of Liverpool, but the change to Chelsea's system seemed to be something which took out that fiery spirit from him. Benayoun had a really disappointing tenure at Chelsea, where he was made to play in a different role and completely failed at that. Benayoun made around 26 appearances in all competitions for Chelsea, only scoring a single goal and assisting a few others. But his creative force was never seen Chelsea career and Benayoun ended up being an extremely ineffective player for them.

14 Crystal Palace - Emmanuel Adebayor

via metro.co.uk

Emmanuel Adebayor aimed to reignite his career when he joined up with Crystal Palace in 2016 after failing to impress for Tottenham Hotspurs in the few seasons before that. Adebayor was obviously a big signing for someone like Palace, who hoped that the prolific striker would score many goals for them and earn them some valuable points to climb the league table. But Adebayor's awful performances proved why Spurs had let him go, as he made 12 appearances for Palace and only scored a single goal for them. He looked unfit and exhausted throughout his tenure with Palace and his utterly inefficient performances for the club resulted in Adebayor having an extremely short career at Palace.

13 Everton - Yannick Bolasie

via acrossthepond.co

Yannick Bolasie was quite the terrorizing figure for Crystal Palace in the Premier League, with his fantastic movement and creativity making him a stunning man to watch on the field. It was because of his terrific form at Palace which made Everton pay big bucks to bring him into their club to light a spark in their attack. But Bolasie's career at Everton has been extremely underwhelming so far, as he's been unable to do anything good for them and hasn't been the "sizzling" figure he was at Palace. He's made 29 appearances and only scored a single goal, assisting a few others in the Premier League. Bolasie was recently replaced with Richardson, with his ineffective tenure with Everton completely tarnishing his reputation.

12 Fulham - Mark Fotheringham

via fulham.wikia.com

Mark Fotheringham might not be a name renowned within the soccer world, but he earned a decent enough reputation in English soccer to earn a move to Fulham a few years back. With the club lingering in the Championship, Fulham wanted Fotheringham to help them get back into the top tier, with his hard-working ability in midfield something which Fulham needed. But Fotheringham's career would be a short one at Fulham, as he only made two league appearances for the club. He was extremely error-prone and lackluster in those games and only landed them in more trouble. It was because of his disappointing performances that Fulham released Fotheringham six months into his contract and he's definitely their most ineffective player in ages.

11 Huddersfield Town - Alan Lee

via examiner.co.uk

Alan Lee joined up with Huddersfield Town when the club was still lingering in the 3rd division of English Soccer, with the club requiring his goal-scoring ability in order to get promoted to the championship. Lee had earned a decent reputation with his tenures at Crystal Palace and Ipswich Town before joining Huddersfield, but he just couldn't perform at the level he was expected to for The Terriers. Lee made 80 appearances for the club, but only scored 9 goals in those and was extremely lackluster in too many matches for them. Despite having some shining moments in his Huddersfield career, Lee was still extremely disappointing and was their most ineffective player of the modern era.

10 Leicester City - Andrej Kramaric

via liverpoolecho.com

Andrej Kramaric might've gained a lot of recognition after his impressive work for Croatia in the World Cup, but he wasn't that prominent at all when he played for Leicester City a few years ago. Kramaric joined Leicester as a promising, talented striker but the jump to the Premier League seemed too much of a load for him. Kramaric played in only around 15 matches for Leicester in the Premier League and only scored two goals in his career. He was extremely underwhelming in most of the games and was overshadowed by their other players on most occasions. He might be a star nowadays, but Kramaric was extremely ineffective for Leicester and doesn't have fond memories of his Premier League tenure at all.

9 Liverpool - Paul Konchesky

via pinterest.co.uk

Paul Konchesky was actually a pretty great defender for Fulham in the Premier League, with his ability to attack well down the left-flank and contain his opponents earning him a move to Liverpool in 2010. But Konchesky's form would come plummeting down after a move to Anfield and it seemed like he just couldn't cope with the pressure of playing for a big team like Liverpool. Konchesky made 15 appearances for the Reds in his only season with the club and was extremely poor in those games. He was extremely error-prone and clumsy to be a starting defender for Liverpool, with his ineffective proving how Liverpool were dead wrong in pinning their hopes on Konchesky to be their star defender.

8 Manchester City - Stevan Jovetic

via 101greatgoals.com

Stevan Jovetic seemed set to light up the Premier League after joining Manchester City in 2013, with his fantastic work in the Italian Serie A helping draw many eyes onto him once he joined up with City. But it seemed like the pressure had gotten to Jovetic, who really struggled to perform in the Premier League. He couldn't play the natural way in which he played in Italy and he was ousted by the Premier League defenders way too easily. Jovetic only scored 8 goals in 35 appearances for City and was extremely underwhelming in most of the games. He ended up being very ineffective for the Citizens, who were left disappointed by his poor performances in the Premier League.

7 Manchester United - Bebe

via Goal.com

Bebe was someone even the hardcore soccer fans didn't know about when he arrived at Manchester United 2010, as it seemed like another Portuguese star was going to bloom at Old Trafford. But unlike his predecessors, Bebe just didn't have it in him to thrive at a big club like United and failed miserably after arriving at the club. He just couldn't train to the highest level and played a handful of matches for the Red Devils, mostly featuring against low-tier teams. But even against weak opposition, Bebe was still extremely poor and couldn't show any signs of improvement. Bebe forced United to sell him after a few seasons of misery and has to be their most ineffective player in the Premier League era.

6 Newcastle United - Jak Alnwick

via chroniclelive.co.uk

Jak Alnwick seemed to be a promising goalkeeper for Newcastle United a few years ago and after gaining recognition for his excellent work in their youth system, the goalkeeper received a call to the first team. His impressive work also made Newcastle give him a few chances to shine against big teams, but Alnwick was too clumsy in between the posts to thrive for the Toons. Alnwick made only around 6 appearances for the Toons but had a few shockers which really turned the perception of management on him. Alnwick made too many silly errors and didn't look comfortable playing for Newcastle at all and was probably their most ineffective youngster to have come up through their youth system.

5 Southampton - Dani Osvaldo

via metro.co.uk

Dani Osvaldo's impressive goal-scoring form in Italy earned him the reputation as one Europe's most clinical strikers when he was brought in by Southampton in 2013. The Saints put a lot of expectations on his shoulders to bring in the goals for them and after a decent start to his career, Osvaldo fell flat on the track. He just couldn't seem to conjure up any consistency in his game and the striker really struggled to adapt to the nature of the Premier League. Osvaldo only scored 3 goals in 13 appearances for the Saints and was extremely disappointing on most occasions. Osvaldo terribly underperformed for Southampton and his complete inefficiency in leading their attack resulted in complete misery for the Saints.

4 Tottenham Hotspur - Paulinho

via italianfootballdaily.com

Paulinho might've recently attained a lot of popularity thanks to his prolific season at Barcelona and a decent showing at the World Cup, but the Brazilian midfielder didn't look so comfortable whilst playing for Tottenham Hotspur a few years ago. Paulinho couldn't seem to adapt himself to the feisty nature of the Premier League and really struggled to control games for Spurs. He looked clumsy in midfield and his errors often landed up Spurs in a lot of trouble. Paulinho made around 55 appearances for the North-London club, scoring 6 goals and assisting a few in those games. But he ended up as a really disappointing signing for them and his severely ineffective performances forced them to sell him off to Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande.

3 Watford - Daryl Janmaat

via telegraph.co.uk

Daryl Janmaat came into the Watford team with a decent reputation of being a bright defensive prospect for them, but he hasn't really lived up to his reputation in all the years with them. Janmaat has been playing for Watford for the past few seasons now, but he hasn't really been able to improve himself in the years. He's made around 50 appearances for Watford in the Premier League since moving from Newcastle, but Watford has conceded 70 goals in those matches! Janmaat is defensively very poor, with his shaky nature and over-aggressiveness often resulting in poor goals being conceded. Janmaat has been highly ineffective in his years at Watford, who need to look for better options to fill their right-back spot.

2 West Ham United - Benni McCarthy

via goal.com

Benni McCarthy had the reputation of being a decent goal-scorer in the Premier League as he played pretty well for Blackburn Rovers, before moving to West Ham United in the 2010-11 season. McCarthy might've been a prolific goal-scorer for Blackburn, but he couldn't replicate that form for the Hammers. McCarthy was given many chances to lead the line for West Ham and in 11 appearances for the club, he couldn't manage to score a single goal. McCarthy's poor finishing and shocking decline in form after moving to West Ham proved how he wasn't really comfortable after moving on from Blackburn. He ended up being highly ineffective for the Hammers and that failed tenure marked the end of his Premier League career.

1 Wolverhampton Wanderers - George Elokobi

via birminghammail.co.uk

George Elokobi was a mainstay in Wolverhampton Wanderers' defense during their stay in the Premier League a few seasons ago, but he was also a reason for their terrible defensive record in the league. Elokobi might've seemed like a strong, intimidating figure but he was actually very poor defensively and couldn't cope with the pressure of the Premier League. He played around 58 matches in the Premier League for Wolves, only keeping 8 clean sheets and conceding 72 goals in that! He was extremely reckless and an error-prone defender for Wolves and couldn't improve later in the Championship either. Elokobi's lackluster years at Wolves make him their most ineffective defender in this decade and one of their worst players of all time.

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