Liverpool Fan Says He Will Cut Off His Privates If Ozil Scores... He Scores!

via metro.co.uk

Here is my little piece of advice for today: Don't make sports bets on Twitter! Especially ones that involve cutting off your genitals!

This is advice that is, unfortunately, too late for one Liverpool soccer fan (alex the god/@futazza) who tweeted before the Liverpool vs. Arsenal match, "If Ozil scores today I'll cut my (privates) off."

Well, guess who scored for Arsenal in the 40th minute? That's right, good ol' Mesut Ozil. But wait! @futazza didn't mean Ozil when he wrote it down, looked at it and pressed send. He meant Giroud, which he tweeted out right after the Ozil goal.

But, guess who went ahead and scored in the 91st minute? Right again, it was Giroud! @futazza's next tweet after the Giroud goal was just a simple and wonderfully embarrassing "good lord...."

I am going to assume he didn't go through with it.

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