Top 10 Most Underrated Soccer Players In The Premier League (And The 10 Most Overrated)

The Premier League is currently filled with some of the top soccer players in the world and because of the prestige of the league, more world-class players want to join the league's teams to get a share of the spotlight themselves. It's because of this attraction that we've seen some of the relatively "weaker" teams also being filled with top players recently, with the "bigger" clubs gaining further strength by reinforcing themselves with extremely skillful players. While everyone loves to be a part of the Premier League, not everyone can really shine out and some fail to live up to the hype.

There have been many players to have underperformed in the Premier League in recent seasons and because of how much they've been hyped by everyone, their failure leaves a bad impression for them. Some Premier League players have really been overhyped by fans and critics alike, with a few brilliant performances helping them become major stars, despite them not having earned that. While some players have been massively overrated, there are also players who don't get the kind of attention they deserve for the amazing work they've done for their respective sides.

These amazing talents work really hard to ensure success for their teams and bring happiness to the fans, but often see their spotlight being taken over by someone else because they aren't as bankable as others. The Premier League has its share of overrated and underrated players right now, and here we'll have a look at some of them.

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20 Overrated: Jack Wilshere

via eurosport.com

Jack Wilshere was once regarded as the future star who was set to guide Arsenal to success in the Premier League, but his harrowing regression in recent years has made his stock take quite the fall. Wilshere was one of soccer's most talented players a few years ago, but injuries and inconsistency in his game resulted in him being let go by the Gunners.

Wilshere only made 20 appearances for them last season and was extremely underwhelming in many of them.

His over-aggressiveness, little creativity and inability to inspire Arsenal didn't help his case at all. Despite overhyping from the media and fans, Wilshere failed to impress for the Gunners and has been reduced to a highly overrated player nowadays.

19 Underrated: Glenn Murray

via telegraph.co.uk

Brighton Hove & Albion surprised many by valiantly surviving in the Premier League last season, and they actually played some decent soccer to make sure they play another season in England's top flight. Brighton are filled with some surprisingly talented stars, but Glenn Murray was the man to lead them forward in the Premier League.

The powerful, commanding striker scored 12 goals for Brighton last season and was there for them every time they needed something special to win them crucial points.

Murray's impressive use of strength and overall finishing ability makes him one of Premier League's most dangerous strikers, but the fact that he isn't appreciated by many shows just how underrated he is.

18 Overrated: Cesc Fabregas

via thebreakingtimes.com

Cesc Fabregas has been a major creative force in the Premier League for many years, with his majestic eye for creating amazing plays often leading to things which have awed fans for many years.

Fabregas might be held in high regard because of his abilities, but he hasn't been impressive for the past season or so now.

Fabregas seems to be on the decline and last season for Chelsea, he only scored 2 goals and gave 4 assists for the Blues. He looked ineffective in midfield and his mistakes often led to repercussions for Chelsea on the defensive front. Fabregas doesn't seem to be that "magician" anymore and has become quite the overrated player after his initial success with Chelsea.

17 Underrated: Juan Mata

via footballghana.com

Juan Mata hasn't really received that much of a spotlight like some of the bigger Manchester United stars in recent seasons, but he's been quite the useful player for them whose come up with the goods for them every now and then. Mata might be used as a rotational player at United, but he makes the most use of whatever time he gets to play and is quite the stark creative force for them.

He scored 3 goals and assisted 5 in around 28 appearances for United and despite given little time to impress, he manages to stand out time and time again. Mata has been United's savior many times in recent seasons and been quite the underrated gem for the Red Devils.

16 Overrated: Mesut Ozil

via standard.co.uk

Mesut Ozil is quite the prized possession for Arsenal, who gave him a bumper contract boost recently to make sure he can continue his majestic work for the Gunners. But in reality, Ozil hasn't really been that "majestic" in recent seasons and struggled to impose himself properly in the Premier League last season.

Ozil only scored 4 goals and provided 8 assists last season in the Premier League, something which is actually quite underwhelming for someone as talented as him.

Ozil looks lazy at times and is very inefficient when it comes to the "big matches" for Arsenal. While he might be a beloved figure because of his finesse, Ozil has been quite disappointing for Arsenal recently and become quite an overrated figure.

15 Underrated: Wilfried Zaha

via insidemcfc.com

Wilfried Zaha had quite the breakthrough season with Crystal Palace last time out, as he led from the front in making sure they survive the drop in what was otherwise an underwhelming season for Palace. Zaha has had the potential of doing great things and he showed a glimpse of that potential last season when he absolutely terrorized defenses with his trickery and movement.

Zaha scored 9 goals for Palace last season, also assisting 3 more and creating many chances for Palace who rode on his brilliance throughout the season. It's actually surprising that some big club didn't sign Zaha in the summer after his amazing season with Palace, something which proves how vastly underrated he still is.

14 Overrated: Hector Bellerin

via sport360.com

Hector Bellerin, who was once considered as one of the most exciting full-backs in the world, performed really well for Arsenal at a very young age, with his impressive ability going forward and defensive strength making him a pivotal figure for the Gunners. But Bellerin hasn't really been able to maintain consistency in his game and ended up being extremely error-prone last season for Arsenal.

Bellerin made too many errors which led to Arsenal conceding cheap goals and has regressed as a defender in recent seasons.

Despite being held in high regard as one of the best right-backs in the League, Bellerin defensive lapses have been proof of how much of a shaky, overrated defender he is.

13 Underrated: Idrissa Gueye

via royalbluemersey.sbnation.com

Idrissa Gueye was the engine which energized the Everton team last season and despite it being a rather underwhelming season for the Toffees, Gueye was an absolute standout performer for them. The midfielder showed himself to be made out of steel as he gave some rock-solid performances in the middle of the park for Everton.

Gueye's incredible energy and willingness to go the extra mile in midfield made him an asset for Everton, with his amazing 79% tackle success rate and an impressive number of interceptions and passes proving how reliable he is. Despite his superb work, Gueye is still quite underrated at Everton, with people barely cherishing the guardian angel's work this tireless midfielder does for Everton.

12 Overrated: Kelechi Iheanacho

via africanstand.com

Kelechi Iheanacho was bought by Leicester City for almost $33million, with the Foxes hoping he could add more firepower to their attack and help prove himself to be the "next big thing" in soccer. Iheanacho was once touted as one of the brightest young players in the Premier League, but his downfall since his City days has hurt his own reputation as well as Leicester's.

Iheanacho only scored 3 goals in 21 appearances for Leicester last season, proving how badly they'd wasted all that money on signing him.

He might be held as one of the "best" young players, but Iheanacho has been underwhelming for Leicester with some horrendous performances which proved how much of an overrated player he is.

11 Underrated: Nick Pope

via si.com

Nick Pope's brilliant performances in goal helped him earn a permanent place as Burnley's starting goalkeeper last season and the young keeper definitely impressed many with some stunning performances. He filled in the place left by injured captain Tom Heaton, but Pope's terrific work didn't let them feel it. Pope produced some amazing saves for Burnley and kept 11 clean sheets in 35 appearances for them last season.

He was an absolute brick wall, making 114 saves throughout the season.

But despite his amazing displays, Pope is still an underrated player who is not considered among the Premier League's best keepers, which is extremely harsh considering how amazingly he won points for Burnley last season.

10 Overrated: Nicolas Otamendi

via ESPN.com

Nicolas Otamendi's heroics for Manchester City last season helped them earn many points and made every one regard him as the best defender in the league, something which is definitely far-fetched. Otamendi did enjoy a great season with City, but he was often bailed out because of his sides' overwhelming strength.

Otamendi often crumbled under pressure from opponents and his horrible errors led to some cheap goals being conceded by City.

He struggled to impress against dangerous attacks and failed to prove himself to be "the best" because of some underwhelming performances. Otamendi might be a really commanding defender who adds strength to City's defense, but his error-prone nature makes him a bit of an overrated player in the Premier League.

9 Underrated: Son Heung-Min

via football-tribe.com

Son Heung-Min played a pivotal part of Tottenham Hotspur's stunning attacking display last season, which proved to be a breakthrough for the winger in the Premier League. Son absolutely terrorized the defenses of Spurs opponents throughout the season, scoring 16 goals in all competitions for them!

He proved himself to have a terrific eye for goal and his ability to trick defenders and getting past them made him a valuable member of the squad. Son does his work discreetly but in resounding fashion but hasn't received any spotlight as all the accolades are picked up by Harry Kane or Christian Eriksen. But that hasn't stopped Son from doing admirable work for Spurs, which makes him a highly underrated player in the league.

8 Overrated: Richarlison

via thesouthafrican.com

Richarlison recently made a shocking big-money move from Watford to Everton for more than $50 million, something which sparked outrage among many soccer fans and critics alike. Despite being quite impressive in his debut season in the Premier League for Watford, Richarlison definitely wasn't that good and only shined in bursts.

He scored 5 goals and assisted 4 in 38 appearances for Watford in the league, but was quite disappointing after a point in time. Richarlison was often quite the frustrating figure to watch, with some underwhelming performances and horrible scuffs in front of goal doing him no good. Richarlison's questionable transfer is proof of how highly overrated he is and he'll have to do something special to change that.

7 Underrated: Roberto Firmino

via liverpooloffside.sbnation.com

Roberto Firmino had quite an amazing season with Liverpool last time out, in which he not only succeeded in the Premier League but in the UEFA Champions League as well! Firmino was often overshadowed by the brilliant Mohamed Salah, but that shouldn't undermine just how prolific he was for the Reds.

Firmino scored 25 goals in all competitions and gave 14 assists in a terrific season in which he dazzled the Liverpool fans with some beautiful soccer. Not only that, but his defensive contributions led him to winning more than 60 tackles (which is A LOT for a striker), which proves how hard-working he is. Firmino might not get the accolades he deserves, but his passionate displays for Liverpool makes him quite the underrated gem.

6 Overrated: Dele Alli

via inews.co.uk

Dele Alli has attained a "world-class" status in recent seasons because of his prolific run with Tottenham Hotspur, for whom he's been a dangerous attacker for the past few years. Alli has enjoyed life at Spurs so far but didn't have the best of seasons for them last time out, where he was actually quite underwhelming.

Despite scoring more than 10 goals over the course of the season, Alli wasn't at his clinical best and saw his form dip during last season.

He might've been in the spotlight in the media because of his larger than life attitude, but Alli was underwhelming for Spurs on the field and has attained the reputation of being overrated because of that.

5 Underrated: Kyle Walker

via youtube.com

Kyle Walker had to endure a lot of criticism and mockery from everyone after moving to Manchester City last summer for a large fee, but he shut up his doubters with a terrific season for the Citizens. Walker was an absolute rock in defense for them and did not let the opponent wingers cause City problems through his wing.

Walker helped City attain 14 clean sheets in his 32 appearances in his debut season for them, and had impressive defensive stats to help his cause as well.

Walker is the complete defender for City right now and because of City's attacking stars getting all the limelight, Walker has ended up becoming an underrated player in the reigning Premier League champions.

4 Overrated: Anthony Martial

via eurosport.com

Anthony Martial has always proven himself to be a vastly talented player at Manchester United, but in recent seasons has failed to live up to his fullest potential. Martial was pretty exciting for the Red Devils in patches last season, where he scored 10 goals in around 30 appearances for them in the Premier League.

Despite looking really dangerous at times, Martial failed to maintain consistency in his game and was really underwhelming on multiple occasions. He might've dazzled fans in the past with his impressive trickery, but Martial has actually been quite disappointing for United in recent years. He's been unable to lead the Red Devils to success and Martial's inconsistency makes him quite the overrated player in the league.

3 Underrated: Cesar Azpilicueta

via footballghana.com

Cesar Azpilicueta has been Chelsea's most reliable defender for many years now and it's because of his collective nature and versatility that the Blues have utilized him to the fullest in recent seasons. Azplicueta has been a rock-solid defender for them in recent seasons and was at his very best last season as well.

Despite Chelsea having all sorts of problems last season, Azpilicueta held his resolve and made sure they were defensive quite sound. The defender helped them attain 15 clean sheets last season and his defensive stats were very impressive. Azpilicueta might not be widely cherished as some other Chelsea players, but the fact that their defense falls apart without him proves how important the highly underrated player is for Chelsea.

2 Overrated: Virgil Van Dijk

via talkingbaws.com

Virgil Van Dijk became the most expensive defensive signing of all time when he was signed by Liverpool for over $95 million to help reinforce their defense with a strong defender. Van Dijk has proven himself to be a really tough-as-nails defender who doesn't let many strikers get past him, but that incredible figure for which he was signed for will always haunt him above his shoulders.

Van Dijk has been pretty decent for Liverpool but has made his share of errors in a few months with the club.

He hasn't proven himself to be worth that much money and it's because of his inability to live up to the hype that he's become an overrated player in the league.

1 Underrated: Aaron Ramsey

via eurosport.com

Aaron Ramsey was once on the end of relentless mockery for scoring goals. But the Welshman proved last season how much of a consistent goal-scorer he could be, as Ramsey was absolutely stunning attack for the Gunners.

He scored 12 goals in all competitions and also gave 9 assists, something which proves how much he's grown as a clinical attacker. Ramsey was often the major force in creating chances for Arsenal and had a major influence over their game last season. But despite his heroics, there are many other Arsenal stars who are undeservedly held in higher regard to him, which shows how grossly underrated Ramsey is.

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