The Most Overrated Player On Every Premier League Team Heading Into The 2018 Season

The World Cup in Russia was one of the most entertaining tournaments in soccer history. Big sides crashed out in the early stages and it felt as if a country would win the World Cup for the first time in its history - until France put that talk to rest. Plenty of Premier League players crashed out early but many carved their way to the final. There may also be players at the tournament who will be signed to a Premier League team by the time the new season rolls around a little over a month from now. Diego Godin is being linked to Manchester United and he won't be the only man who has shone at the World Cup to make the move to England if he chooses to do so.

What Godin will hope he is not, if he does trade Madrid for Manchester, is overrated. That's something that can definitely happen following a World Cup. On an international stage a player may stand out but when surrounded by players equally as good or better than him with an unfamiliar backdrop, that could be a problem. The fact of the matter is, every side in the Premier League has overrated players, some more than others. Even the newly promoted teams have them. This article will cycle through every team one by one picking out a player from all twenty sides in the league who is overrated heading into the 2018/19 season.

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20 Nacho Monreal (Arsenal)

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Arsenal has a tendency to massively overrate quite a lot of their players. The squads Arsene Wenger has put together over the past few seasons are a far cry from the ones that earned him and his side Premier League titles. It has taken them ten years to ditch Jack Wilshere for goodness sake! Wilshere would be in this slot if he wasn't leaving but since he's departing, it goes to Nacho Monreal. The Spaniard just isn't that good yet somehow he made it into Spain's World Cup squad ahead of Marcos Alonso. That alone will ensure he continues to start for Arsenal during the 2018/19 season.

19 Nathan Ake (Bournemouth)

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When it comes to players who have a certain aura around them because of where they have played before, it isn't just Manchester City. Chelsea is also guilty of that, and is also guilty of letting youth players go before giving them a real chance. Romelu Lukaku is a prime example of that where Chelsea higher-ups must be kicking themselves right about now. With Nathan Ake on the other hand, not so much. Fans expect so much from Ake simply because he used to play for Chelsea. He only actually made seven league appearances for the club and spent the rest of his time there out on loan.

18 Sam Baldock (Brighton & Hove Albion)

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There will be a fair few players on this list who have impressed in the Championship and the same is expected of them in the Premier League. Brighton's Sam Baldock might be the only player who impressed in League One and is expected to do the same in England's top tier. Baldock had a terrific season in 2013/14, helping Bristol City out of League One. That's when Brighton picked him up and even though he didn't set the Championship on fire they have kept hold of him. The club only trusted him to make five appearances last season, scoring zero goals.

17 Jonathan Walters (Burnley)

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There are a number of players out there that do a job. They are brought into a club and they just quietly go about their business, providing a role that doesn't earn them the spotlight but it is pivotal to the grand scheme of things. Jonathan Walters is one of those players and he played that exact role for Stoke City in the Premier League for seven years. That's why when Burnley snapped him up for $4 million last summer it was seen as a steal. Unfortunately, injuries have hindered Walters from making a mark in Burnley. In fact, the side did so well last season that when the new signing had recovered there was no place for him in the team.

16 Neil Warnock (Cardiff City)

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A few of you reading this may throw a flag on this one since Neil Warnock obviously isn't a player, but finding someone overrated in the newly promoted Cardiff City squad is pretty tough.

Their fearless leader, Neil Warnock, however, is most definitely overrated.

Warnock is a yo-yo manager between the Championship and the Premiership. There's no doubting the veteran's long list of success in the second tier of English soccer but that has never really transferred to the EPL. He will have another crack at it with Cardiff this coming season but it will probably end the same way as always.

15 Pedro (Chelsea)

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The Spanish national team is still pretty formidable, both on paper and on the pitch, but eight to ten years ago they were positively unbeatable. The Spaniards won the World Cup for the first time in the nation's history in 2010 and followed that up with a European Championships victory two years later. Pedro had a part to play in both of those iconic tournament wins. He was with Barcelona at the time and truly on top of the world. At Chelsea, he hasn't been able to replicate that. There was so much hype surrounding him when he arrived in London and he is yet to show it on English soil.

14 Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace)

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At the beginning of last season, Crystal Palace needed a hero and they needed one fast. The London side lost their opening seven matches, a Premier League first. Somehow though they turned that around and are still a top tier side heading into the 2018/19 season. They don't have Christian Benteke to thank for that though no matter what Palace fans might have you believe. The Belgian striker only managed three goals in his 30 appearances last season yet still seems to be riding high on the success he enjoyed in front of goal with Aston Villa three years ago.

13 Leighton Baines (Everton)

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There was a time during Leighton Baines' career where how fans viewed him was extremely confusing, both for us and for him. While Ashley Cole was undoubtedly the correct first choice to play left back for England, he may have even been the best player in that position in the world at the time, the consensus was that Baines was the best player in the Premier League. Since Cole was at Chelsea that didn't make sense, hence the confusion. That was a long time ago now yet Baines remains at Everton and he, along with the club, has regressed quite a bit since then. Time for more fresh blood at Goodison Park.

12 Steven Sessegnon (Fulham)

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Fulham will return to the Premier League next season after they won promotion from the Championship play-offs in May, and all eyes will be on young English star, Ryan Sessegnon. What many soccer fans might not realize is that Ryan's younger brother, Steven also plays for the club. The eighteen-year-old is yet to make his league debut for Fulham but did appear in the League Cup last season. Being the brother of a talented soccer star can be a problem for some. So much is expected of you that even if you are a great player, if you aren't as good as your sibling then you will always be dubbed the lesser brother. That may very well happen with Steven Sessegnon.

11 Tom Ince (Huddersfield Town)

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There are certain clubs in English soccer that are referred to as 'yo-yo' teams. Sides that are too good for the Championship but not good enough for the Premier League so they regularly bounce between them. That yo-yo label can be applied to players too, and it would seem that young Tom Ince fits the bill. There's no doubt that Ince is a terrific Championship striker. The last three seasons he has spent in the second tier of English soccer he has managed to hit double figures when it comes to goals. That is something he has never managed in the Premier League. Last season for Huddersfield he managed to find the net just twice in 33 outings.

10 Kelechi Iheanacho (Leicester City)

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If a player is ever a part of a Manchester City squad they are going to increase their asking price when other teams come calling, even if they haven't been that impressive at the Etihad. That's exactly what happened with Kelechi Iheanacho when he was signed by Leicester City. The former Premier League champions stumped up more than $30 million for the striker even though he was only averaging a goal every four games. At Leicester, his scoring record has gotten even worse, but because he has that Man City pedigree there is still a certain aura around him.

9 Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

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To directly compare Jordan Henderson to Jack Wilshere would probably be a little harsh on the Liverpool midfielder but they are certainly in the same ballpark. The main difference is that one club's fans are blinded by Wilshere whereas a whole nation of soccer fans seem to be blind to Henderson's pitfalls. When playing for England at this World Cup, Henderson has slowed down the side's gameplay which is the last thing they need. Nevertheless, pundits and a lot of fans fawn over him. Liverpool had a great showing in Europe last year but will need players like Henderson to up their game if they want to convert that into league form.

8 Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City)

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When an average player is almost always surrounded by terrific or even world class players, it can go unnoticed that he isn't really that good. That could easily happen at Manchester City right now. The Premier League champions have so many terrific individuals that one or two on the team may look better than they actually are. That can probably be said of Nicolas Otamendi. The central defender's weaknesses have been highlighted for Argentina at the World Cup as he doesn't have the likes of John Stones and Kyle Walker picking up the slack. He will probably still have a starting spot at the Etihad next season though.

7 Paul Pogba (Manchester United)

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Manchester United have a habit of not knowing what they've got until it's gone. It happened with Gerard Pique who they let go to Barcelona and he has gone on to become one of the best defenders in the world. They also did it with Paul Pogba, however, they have managed to get the Frenchman back. It cost the Reds a lot of money though, over $120 million, to get him back from Juventus. With a price tag like that, the highest of all time when the transfer took place, there are going to be high expectations. As of right now, Pogba has not lived up to that hefty fee.

6 Dwight Gayle (Newcastle United)

via geordiebootboys.com

As will have become clear by the end of this article if it wasn't clear to you before there is a lot of value and pressure placed on young, English soccer players. Couple that with the amount of pressure Newcastle United fans put on their stars and we can't imagine it's the easiest of lives for striker, Dwight Gayle. Newcastle fans seem to forget that it has only been one season since they were a Championship side. In that league, Gayle was scoring freely. In the Premier League, not so much. He only found the net six times last season but that won't stop fans expecting the world from him.

5 Shane Long (Southampton)

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Southampton really doesn't get the credit that it deserves. The south coast side has created and nurtured an incredible amount of talent over the years, especially since their return to the Premier League. Players like Adam Lallana, Sadio Mane, and even Real Madrid's Gareth Bale. If you have been there for a while then it's probably a sign that you're not a top player, no offense meant to Southampton. That is the case for Shane Long. The Irishman is supposed to be a striker yet he has only managed 20 goals in his four years at the club, only finding the back of the net twice in 30 appearances last season.

4 Erik Lamela (Tottenham Hotspur)

via espn.com

Tottenham Hotspur does not have an abundance of overrated players, especially when compared to its top of the table rivals. In fact, the majority of the current Spurs squad is actually pretty underrated. However, when Erik Lamela signed he came with a lot of expectation on his shoulders. The Argentine attacker has just enjoyed two successful seasons with Roma and he cost Spurs over $30 million. Five years later and Lamela still hasn't lived up to those expectations. He has played almost twice as many games for the North London club as he did for Roma, yet has only managed to find the back of the net half as often.

3 Tom Cleverley (Watford)

via footballwhispers.com

There are no players more overpriced in world soccer right now than young Englishmen, hence why there are a fair few of them featured in this article. It seems that if you're English, under 25 years old, and you're relatively good at football, then Premier League clubs are willing to throw money at you to attain your services. Tom Cleverley is a shining example of that. The English international has played for Manchester United, Everton, and Watford in the Premier League and hasn't shone for any of them. In fact, in 40 appearances for his current club, he has only scored once.

2 Mark Noble (West Ham)

via standard.co.uk

West Ham United tend to be one of those teams that has fans with extremely high expectations. They've never won the Premier League and are relegated to the Championship every now and again, yet the club's fanbase still expects an awful lot from them. Those fans also tend to place their faith in players who aren't all that good. Exhibit A, Mark Noble. Noble has been a Hammer for fourteen years and it would seem that loyalty is all it takes to win West Ham fans over. He tends to cause quite a bit of trouble too but perhaps West Ham fans like that.

1 Ruben Neves (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

via wolves.co.uk

From almost the first kick of a ball last season it was pretty clear that Wolverhampton Wanderers were going to be promoted from the Championship to the Premier League. With a team full of Portuguese players powering them, they had skill and finesse that no other team could measure up to. That won't be the case in England's top tier, however. Those Portuguese stars will be expected to impress but it will not be as easy, and top midfielder Ruben Neves may very well find himself out of his depth. The only top tier he has played in before was in his homeland, and the Premier League is a lot different.

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