Every Premier League Team's Goalie, Officially Ranked From 20th To 1st

It is a well-known fact that the goalkeeper is the last line of defense in soccer and could be the make or break factor for his side during crucial games. While it’s the job of the defense and whole team to make sure they aren’t troubled much, the goalies have to stay alert at all times to make important saves, making sure the ball doesn’t end up in the back of the net. In a competitive league like the Premiership, goalkeepers need to be even more concentrated throughout the season. Goalies often play a part in earning important points for PL sides and many infamous keepers are part of the league right now.

Regardless of how famous or talented a goalkeeper can be, they always have to be on their guard looking for saves to make and to deny the opponent teams. Important stops from goalies can help inspire their team and change where they end up in the league table each week. A Premier League goalie needs to be sharp, agile, strong and athletic and while most of the goalies have those qualities, there are some who are just a level above some others in the league right now.

The Premier League is filled with some world-class goalkeepers, but the terrific work a few have done in saving their teams from trouble time and again has earned them a special reputation. So here we will rank the goalies of every Premier League team to see who are the most underwhelming and who stand out.

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20 Ben Hamer

via examiner.co.uk

Ben Hamer had a very short stint as Leicester City goalkeeper before he was snatched up by Huddersfield Town earlier this year in a bid to improve their own defensive stability. But Hamer has gone onto creating more problems than save Huddersfield’s blushes and in the three appearances he’s made so far, Hamer has already conceded 9 goals! He was quite awful against both Chelsea and Manchester City, conceding some really cheap goals and showing that he was still far away from being a prominent PL goalkeeper. Hamer’s relatively disappointing showing for Huddersfield Town proves how he still has much to learned to compete with the best in the league and needs to gain some confidence to save Huddersfield from doom.

19 Fabri

via premierleague.com

Fabri only joined up with Fulham in what was a frantic summer transfer window for them and was one of their twelve signings of the summer. Despite looking like an athletic goalkeeper who can pull off some stunning saves, Fabri has not been that compelling for Fulham so far and has given a disappointing first impression to the fans. Fabri gave some really topsy-turvy performances in Fulham’s first two games back in the Premier League and despite pulling off many saves, he made some horrible mistakes as well. Fabri’s one error directly led to a goal and him getting benched showed how Fabri has many areas to improve on before becoming a regular starter for Fulham.

18 Asmir Begovic

via goal.com

Asmir Begovic is a really experienced candidate in the Premier League having played in the league for over six years now, but his stint with Bournemouth has been quite underwhelming, to say the least. Begovic seems to have lost his towering presence in between the posts and hasn’t been able to do well for the Cherries at all. Begovic has made around 40+ appearances for Bournemouth so far, but conceded a horrible 60+ goals at that and earned only around 7 clean-sheets at that. Begovic has made 7 errors which directly led to goals being conceded by Bournemouth so far, and his horribly mistake-prone nature has really tarnished his reputation of being one of Premier League’s most commanding goalkeepers.

17 Martin Dubravka

via cominghomenewcastle.sbnation.com

Martin Dubravka has amazingly made the Newcastle United goal-keeping position his own with some impressive performances over this year in which he’s saved the Toons from doom many a time. Dubravka has only made around 16 appearances in the Premier League so far and is still a bit of an inexperienced candidate, but his safe hands has saved many sure-shot goals for Newcastle. He’s only conceded 17 goals in 16 appearances so far for Newcastle and really impressed with some sublime performances. While he doesn’t look that convincing this season because of Newcastle’s defensive problems, Dubravka has the potential to become even better over the next few years and could be among the leagues’ best if he maintains consistency in his game.

16 Mat Ryan

via premierleague.com

Mat Ryan has played as the saving grace of Brighton Hove & Albion many times over the past few seasons and he has proved his ability by being a guardian angel for Brighton many times over the years. The Australian goalkeeper has made around 42 appearances in the Premier League so far and has 10 clean-sheets in those, mostly because of his own brilliance. Ryan made 137 saves in those games and conceded 61 goals in the league mostly because of the error-prone nature of his defenders. Ryan has proved his mettle in the Premier League with some superb performances and has gained a lot of attention because of his terrific work in between the posts.

15 Neil Etheridge

via premierleague.com

Neil Etheridge has made a great first impression in the Premier League and seems to be a real coup for Cardiff City, who have maintained an impressive defensive record since being promoted to the top flight. Nobody really predicted Etheridge to perform the way he did in his first few matches in the Premier League, and in his first two matches itself, he saved back to back penalties against Bournemouth and Newcastle to keep Cardiff alive in those games. Etheridge is currently averaging at like four saves a game for Cardiff and it’s because of his brilliance in between the posts that they’ve been able to churn up a few points in the Premier League so far.

14 Alex McCarthy

via telegraph.co.uk

Alex McCarthy seems to have finally made the goalkeeping spot his own at Southampton and has chucked the disappointing Fraser Forster from out of the team with his brilliant performances. McCarthy joined Southampton a few years ago and has been a really good signing who has produced some special performances over the years. McCarthy has kept six clean sheets in 22 games for the Saints so far and his incredible shot-stopping ability has saved them from conceding many a time in the past few seasons. McCarthy has really helped improve Southampton’s defensive nature with his commanding personality, with his excellent shot-stopping ability and confidence making it extremely difficult for opponents to score “easy goals” past him.

13 Wayne Hennessey

via clubcall.com

Wayne Hennessey has become a really experienced candidate in the Premier League, having been a regular in it for almost a decade now, and his compelling work in between the posts has kept him in good light. Hennessey broke through with some amazing performances whilst at Wolverhampton Wanderers many years ago, but he’s been doing some great work for Crystal Palace recently. Hennessey has made close to a 100 appearances for Palace in the Premier League and been an absolute rock in between the posts. He’s made over 500 saves in his Premier League career, which itself proves how much of a commendable goalie Hennessey has been and why Palace have stuck through with him for such a long time.

12 Ben Foster

via clubcall.com

Ben Foster gained recognition right from his days at Manchester United, where he was a backup keeper throughout his stint but impressed other Premier League clubs with his impressive work in goal. Foster was part of West Bromwich Albion for over six years and it was at that club he developed himself to become the commendable goalkeeper he is right now. Despite having to leave West Brom after they got relegated last season, Foster has retained his place in the Premier League having joined Watford. Foster is continuing to do great work at Watford and having made 292 appearances in the Premier League throughout his career, Foster earned the name of being one of the more difficult goalies to score past.

11 Lukasz Fabianski

via whufc.com

Lukasz Fabianski has looked like a bright goalkeeper right from his days at Arsenal, where he was a backup goalkeeper for many years before moving to a “small club” in Swansea City. Fabianski started to flourish as a terrific goalkeeper for Swansea and went onto make more than a 100 appearances for them in the Premier League. But his breakthrough season came last season when he was absolutely phenomenal and helped Swansea earn many points because of his amazing shot-stopping ability. Despite having a horrible defense, Fabianski got 9 clean-sheets last season and even saved three penalties. The Polish goalie has been excellent in between the posts lately, with Fabianski’s clutch saves and commendable nature making him one of the league’s most impressive goalies.

10 Petr Cech

via goal.com

Petr Cech has become a legendary goalkeeping figure in the Premier League over the years and having made more than 400 appearances in it over 14 years, he’s someone many budding goalies look up to. But Cech hasn’t been able to maintain consistency in his game and is declining pretty badly because of his recently developed error-prone nature. Despite being an experienced candidate who shows composure and utmost skill in his game, Cech has made too many amateurish errors recently which have dampened his reputation. Cech is still among the most celebrated players in the league having won the Golden Glove and League title four times, but his recent underperforming nature keeps him a long way apart from the best in the league.

9 Joe Hart

via goal.com

Joe Hart has had a topsy-turvy journey in the Premier League over the past few years now and him changing clubs every summer had many thinking that he’s lost it. But Hart is still superb in between the posts and despite Burnley going through a tumultuous phase right now, he’s done excellent work in reducing the damage for them. Hart has made 325 appearances in the Premier League so far and kept 124 clean sheets at that, and is using that experience to his advantage at Burnley. Hart looks sharp as ever in making clutch saves and is doing the best he can to keep Burnley alive in matches, as well as proving how excellent he still is in between the posts.

8 Kepa Arrizabalaga

via chelsea-independent.co.uk

Kepa Arrizabalaga is still a bit of a novice when it comes to the Premier League, but the mature performances he’s given for Chelsea so far prove the incredible talent in him. Chelsea shelled out close to $100 million for the Spanish goalie and are reaping the rewards of their lavish spending as well. Kepa has been quite excellent in between the posts so far, using his towering presence to his advantage and making some superb saves in recent games. He’s kept two clean sheets in four appearances for Chelsea so far and knowing his terrific shot-stopping ability and amazing potential to get even better, Kepa seems set to remain among Premier League’s best goalies in years to come.

7 Jordan Pickford

via newspaperupdate.com

Jordan Pickford has had quite the phenomenal journey over the years, as he’s gone from playing in the lower divisions of English soccer to becoming the England national team’s #1. Pickford shined through for the Three Lions at the FIFA World Cup, helping them make it to the semi-finals and being excellent in the penalty-shootouts. Despite his short size, Pickford is an excellent shot-stopper and gives his 100% every-time he plays for England and Everton. Since gaining recognition at Sunderland, Pickford has kept on improving and has kept 10 clean sheets in 42 PL appearances for Everton. He’s helped Everton earn some valuable points in the past year and proved to be a great signing with his terrific work in between the posts.

6 Kasper Schmeichel

via khelpanda.com

Kasper Schmeichel’s amazing showing for Denmark at the FIFA World Cup gave him the recognition he deserved for a long time, as he’s been Leicester City’s guardian angel for years now. Not only did Schmeichel play a big part in Leicester’s incredible Premier League title success a few years ago, but he’s maintained loyalty to the club and stuck by them through the years. Despite not being at the top of the Premier League anymore, Leicester has really benefitted from Schmeichel’s amazing work in goal for them. He’s made 137 Premier League appearances and kept an impressive 42 clean-sheets at them and Schmeichel has made sure that opponents might penetrate through Leicester’s defense, but find it extremely difficult to break his steel in goal.

5 Rui Patricio

via standard.co.uk

Rui Patricio proved to be a real surprise signing for the Wolverhampton Wanderers earlier this year when he opted to help the newly promoted team reach new heights in the Premier League. Patricio is a highly skilled and experienced goalkeeper, who has proven to be a rock for the Portuguese national team over the past few years. Patricio is proving himself to be a great shot-stopper and commendable figure in goal for Wolves so far, keeping a clean sheet in four games. Despite having a poor defense, Patricio is doing everything he can to win points on his own for the Wolves, with his amazing performance against West Ham United recently proving his mettle and asserting him among the Premier League’s best.

4 Ederson

via 101greatgoals.com

Ederson was signed by Manchester City to cover up for the disappointing Claudio Bravo, who proved to be a complete flop for the Citizens. But Ederson has turned out as a great signing for City and played a pivotal role in helping them lift the Premier League title last season. Ederson had a great debut season with City, getting 16 clean-sheets from 36 appearances and helping them maintain a great defensive record. Ederson’s clutch saving capability makes it difficult for many to score past him and the Brazilian is also very good at distributing the ball. Ederson has asserted himself as a world-class goalie at City and his terrific performances assure him to be City’s guardian angel for years to come.

3 Hugo Lloris

via goal.com

Hugo Lloris has only kept on improving as Tottenham Hotspurs’ goalkeeper over the past few years and it was because of his maturity in goal and commanding nature which compelled Spurs to hand him the captain’s armband. Lloris has been a great leader from the back for Spurs, with his excellent work in goal giving them motivation and assurance as well. Lloris has made over 200 appearances in the Premier League for Spurs and kept around 75 clean-sheets at that. Lloris helped them earn the name of being one of the strongest defensive units in the league by bailing out of danger whenever required, and has earned the reputation of being one of the most trust-worthy goalies in the league.

2 Alisson

via si.com

Alisson has been an excellent goalkeeper in European soccer for the past few years now, but his amazing work at AS Roma last season was something that really convinced Liverpool to shell out big money to sign him. Alisson was Liverpool’s star signing during the summer and he has the potential to live up to the hype. Alisson has already improved their defensive strength, helping them earn three clean-sheets from his first four games. The tall, confident goalkeeper is not only a great shot-stopper but looks very confident in his game and has impressed everyone with his work so far. Alisson has already made a great impression in the league with some commendable performances and asserted himself as one of the best in the league.

1 David De Gea

via tribuna.com

David De Gea has been the saving grace for Manchester United too many times over the past few seasons and despite their troubling times, he’s maintained his position at the top. De Gea has been an incredible goalkeeper in the Premier League for the past few years and shown himself to have the ability to pull off some incredible saves not many others can. De Gea has made 241 appearances in the league for United and kept 94 clean-sheets at that, proving just how amazingly consistent he’s been. De Gea has earned many points for United over the years and won the Premier League Golden Glove last season for his heroics, something which asserted the Spaniard as the best goalie in the league.

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