Ronaldo Finds Lost Phone And Invites Owner To Dinner. Yes, She Is Super Hot!

I have found lost phones before, and i have always returned them to their rightful owner. However, that rightful owner has never been a super hot girl with really hot friends. But, of course when Cristiano Ronaldo finds a lost phone that is exactly who it belongs to.

CR7 was in Las Vegas the other day when he came across a phone missing its owner. So, he got in contact with said owner - Austin Woolstenhulme - and invited her and her friends out to dinner. Which she, of course, had to Instagram about.

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Do we think she had a photo of herself on her phone that he saw, or were his hot girl "spidey" senses tingling when he touched it?

Following Dinner Austin and her friends were invited back to Ronaldo's suite:

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