Soccer Goalkeeper Takes Water Break While Opponent Scores

I have seen a lot of crazy soccer goals. I've seen goals scored while the opposing team is celebrating. I've seen goalies kick the ball into their own net. But I have never seen a goal scored while the goalkeeper was taking a water break. Until now that is.

It happened during a Chinese Super League match between Chongqing Lifan and Liaoning when, prior to a free kick being taken, Chongqing Lifan keeper grabbed his water bottle to get some hydration. Or at least he thought it was "prior" to the free kick.

For some reason the referee let Liaoning take a super fast free kick and before Chongqing Lifan and their keeper knew what was happening the ball was in the back of their net. And they weren't the only ones surprised by it.

If you watch the video you will also see one of the Liaoning players sitting on the ground also shocked by how fast the free kick was taken. And then there is that great shot of the Liaoning manager who is also taking a drink of water when the crazy play goes down. Although, the shock on his face is mixed with a smile - which definitely isn't the case for the Chongqing Lifan goalkeeper (who, by the way, was fined 50,000 Chinese Yuan for his mistake).

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Soccer Goalkeeper Takes Water Break While Opponent Scores