Soccer Team Scores Tying Goal While Other Team Is Celebrating

We all know that soccer goal celebrations can get pretty crazy, but I have never seen anything like this before.

In a match between Mozambique team Ferroviario Maputa and the Zambian K-Stars at the 2015 Future Champions Gauteng International Tournament, Ferroviario scored a goal to go up 1-0 on a really nice set-piece kick. And then they started celebrating.

You can see one guy do a flip and a cartwheel and then pretty much the whole team runs over to the sidelines and they are all jumping around and celebrating in front of the fans. And when I say "pretty much the whole team" that includes their goalkeeper.

And well, the goalkeeper is still almost at midfield when the ref gets the ball back in play. At that point it's a race between the keeper running back to his goal and the K-Stars players getting the play off. Spoiler Alert: The keeper loses the race!

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