Spanish Player Climbs Goal Post To Defend Corner Kick!

via metro.co.uk

It happened during a game in Spain's third division. Daniel Nadales, captain of CD Cuarte, was caught by a photographer using the very seldom seen climb-the-goal-post technique to try and help defend against a corner kick from the opposition team CD Teruel.

Now, you might be thinking, "hey that's a good idea. Why don't more players try that?" Well, the answer to that question is a simple "because they aren't allowed." However, although a photographer caught him in the act, the referee did not, so he was not punished for his pole-climbing tactics.

Daniel did say after the game that the goal post climb was pure spontaneity and that he hadn't planned it ahead of time. Also, since the incident Nadales has been given the nickname 'Koala' - which, looking at the photo, is absolutely perfect. Don't you think?


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