The 15 Most Attractive WAGs In The Premier League

This might not be such common knowledge in America because people are mostly used to hearing about the exorbitant amounts that NFL, NBA, and even MLB players are paid every year to compete in the American professional leagues. But when it all comes down to the numbers, worldwide, no sport has athletes as well remunerated as soccer (football, as we will refer to it until the end of this piece).

In reality, when we look at Forbes’s list of richest athletes of 2017, two out of the top three are actually football players. Cristiano Ronaldo leads the list, LeBron James comes up in second place, and the top three is finished up by Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Most of the richest football players in the world reside in places like Europe and even some countries in Asia, as the Chinese Football League has become quite the destination for those who were keen on making an extra buck. The reason we’re bringing up this topic of richest athletes is that, whether people like to admit it or not, the richer the athlete, it seems that the more beautiful their wives and girlfriends are. It is a harsh reality, and one that a lot of people might not want to admit, but it is true.

Seriously, there are some stars in the top football leagues that have wives and girlfriends you won’t believe. And it might be painful to say so, but these women would probably not be with them if they were working the night shift at McDonald’s. All that aside, we are here to show you the 15 hottest wags in the Premier League.


15 Alicia Verrando (Bernardo Silva)

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Bernardo Silva is a player who appeared to the world last season when he and Monaco had a ridiculous campaign that culminated in the French League title. Those guys played out of their minds and debunked the heavy favorites PSG to take home the national title. With that fame, came quite the hefty rise in stock prices for the players who made up the championship squad. Silva was not an exception.

This season he was sold to Manchester City for nothing less than €50 million. Not too bad for a 23-year-old kid from Portugal.

But his talents were not the only thing Silva brought to the Premier League. He also brought his beautiful girlfriend, Alicia Verrando. The peculiar thing here is that Silva might be the professional player, but some might argue that Alicia could be the fitter part of the couple.

14 Perrie Edwards (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain)

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Another guy who exchanged clubs this off-season was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who traded the Arsenal red for the Liverpool red. One thing we don’t think Alex would change anytime soon though is his girlfriend. This lucky cat has been dating the 24-year-old British singer, Perrie Edwards. This is quite the entertaining social media age couple, as these two are constantly posting messages and exchanging affections through Twitter and Instagram so the whole world can see.

And honestly, we would do the same if we were in Ox’s skin. This is a great footballer who managed to get the attention of a great singer. This is the dream. We just hope that Ox has as much luck in his new career at Liverpool as he has had in his love life.

13 Laura Benschop (Davy Klaassen)

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This list is going to be full of young and up-and-coming football players. Dutch midfielder Davy Klaassen just made the jump from his native Netherlands to play in the Premier League, as Everton unloaded €27 million to bring him to the United Kingdom. So far, Klaassen has yet to have the chance to allure the British media or the Everton fans with his football as he only made four Premier League appearances. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Laura Benschop, has been the talk of the town ever since the couple moved to the UK. As a matter of fact, there are some media outlets that even said Laura might turn more heads at Everton’s stadium than her boyfriend. But Laura is not only a beautiful girlfriend, but she is also quite smart and studied criminology in Vancouver.

12 Maja Nilsson (Victor Lindelof)

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Playing for Manchester United has to be a dream of any aspiring football player who is not a Manchester City or Liverpool fan. So, you can understand how ecstatic Victor Lindelof must have been when he got the news that Benfica had just sold him to the Red Devils for nothing less than €35 million. That is a lot of money for someone to spend on you, and we are sure this 23-year-old from Sweden cannot wait to prove that he was worth every penny.

The interesting thing, however, is that his girlfriend might just be more famous than Victor. Maja Nilsson is quite the Instagram savvy gal who posts about pretty much everything that concerns her life. She also works with marketing, is a writer for a Swedish blog, and has her own podcast.

11 Ruby Mae (Dele Alli)

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So far we have talked about guys who were 23 or 24 years old and have up-and-coming careers. How about we talk about a 21-year-old who might be better than all of them combined? Yes, Dele Alli might just be the most promising British midfielder today. While most other guys his age and even older colleagues are still trying to prove themselves, this kid is already an unquestionable starter for Tottenham, and the only reason he is not their best player is because Harry Kane plays on the same team.

With that immense talent also came quite a lot of media attention, and unavoidably a lot of attention from the opposite sex. But let’s just say that Dele really knows how to pick them, as he is currently dating a Dolce & Gabbana model by the name of Ruby Mae.

10 Melanie Da Cruz (Anthony Martial)

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If Tottenham has guys like Dele Alli representing their future, Manchester United also has a series of guys they hope will become the next legends of Old Trafford. One of these guys is Anthony Martial. There is a lot of pressure hovering over this young Frenchman. Seriously, how many times have you heard of a football club spending €60 million on a 20-year-old?

Yes, that is quite the crazy amount of responsibility to put on such a young man. And let’s just say that in his first season with United, Martial did not have as much success as he or the fans had expected. Nevertheless, this season he is balling, as is the rest of his squad. Now 21 years old, this kid has scored three goals and dished two assists in just six games. In the love department, let’s just say that there is not much to improve when your girlfriend is Melanie Da Cruz.

9 Ludivine Sagna (Bacary Sagna)

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Now we’ll switch from the field of girlfriends to the field of wives. This is a whole different platoon of women who have tied the knot with famous football players. The first married man on our list is the French fullback Bacary Sagna. Currently, Sagna is without a team since Manchester City chose not to renew his contract. Nevertheless, since this guy’s last playing stint was in the Premier League, we thought it would be fair to add him to the list. Most of that decision was also based on the fact that his wife Ludivine is absolutely stunning.

Being let go from your job cannot be an easy thing for anyone, even millionaire football players. Still, we don’t see how Sagna would be sad for too long as every time he comes home, Ludivine is there to comfort him.


8 Alexandra Sigurdsson (Gylfi Sigurdsson)

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Iceland has just qualified for their first World Cup ever. And we can guarantee you that would not have happened without Gylfi Sigurdsson. Sigurdsson is still only 28 years old, but it would not be too far of a stretch to say he is the best player in the history of his country. He spent most of his playing career bouncing from Germany to England, until exploding at Swansea. Sigurdsson played so well that Everton just spent almost €50 million to bring the player in.

Now, a guy that is worth this much could choose to be with any woman he wants, right? Well, when you are from Iceland it doesn’t seem like you need to look too far. Sigurdson is still dating his hometown sweetheart. The two of them grew up together in Reykjavik and don’t seem to want to part ways anytime soon.

7 Shana Sonck (Laurent Depoitre)

So far, we have been talking about big clubs like Everton, Tottenham, and Manchester United. So let’s dial back a little and talk about a guy who has just arrived to play for Huddersfield Town. In comparison to the ridiculous transfer fees we have already mentioned, the €4 million Huddersfield spent to bring in Laurent Depoitre seems like change.

Still, this new arrival from Porto could be one of the guys to make the most impact in his first season in the Premier League. Mostly because he will undoubtedly be one of the new faces who get most playing time. In the love department, this guy may also be one of the luckiest athletes. If you don’t think so, just check out his girlfriend’s Instagram page. Shana Sonck is stunning.

6 Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch)


If you are a football fan, you have heard the name, Peter Crouch. However, no one would go as far as to say Crouch is a good player. As a matter of fact, when it comes to handling the ball, he might just be one of the worst strikers in the Premier League. Still, when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the net, this guy is unmatched. Mostly because he is more than 2m tall. In football, having players that size on offense is just unprecedented. His teammates pretty much just have to cross the ball high enough so he is the only one who can get there.

Nevertheless, Crouch is also a good striker off the field, as he and his wife Abbey are waiting for their third child. Yes, this beast of a man is a happily married fellow with one beautiful wife and soon three children.

5 Sarah Mens (Romelu Lukaku)

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Romelu Lukaku might just be the best player in the Premier League today. At least, it doesn’t seem like anyone else is playing at the level that this Belgian striker is. So far this season, Lukaku has scored seven goals in seven games in the Premier League, leading Manchester United to their best start to a season in a long time. Not only that, Lukaku has already netted three goals in two Champions League games. This guy is just playing out of this world right now. So, it is only fair that his new alleged girlfriend is also out of this world.

Sarah Mens is not the most famous wag on our list, but her dad is apparently a TV presenter in the Netherlands, so that is interesting. The only thing we would like to add is that we hope, for her sake, that the Lukaku song is not 100 percent true. Lol.

4 Elena Ortiz (Kiko Femenia)

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Another lucky fellow from one of the smaller clubs in the Premier League is Watford’s Spanish fullback, Kiko Femenia. This is a man who was once quite the promising Spanish youngster as he played for both Barcelona’s and Real Madrid’s reserve teams. Somewhere along the line, however, he was forgotten by the big clubs and played in smaller Spanish sides until he was finally signed by Watford during this off-season.

So far during his first season in the Premier League, he has started most of the games and played well enough to warrant a first-team placement. Still, he is far from being someone who can play in one of the more prominent clubs. Nevertheless, his beloved, Elena Ortiz, could give any other wag in the Premier League a run for their money.

3 Haley Bartlett (Hal Robson-Kanu)

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Hal Robson-Kanu probably won’t be someone we are going to be raving about by the end of the season. He is a good striker who could add to some Premier League sides, but he is not quite on the same level as the top or even the middle of the pack attackers on the British premiership. Nevertheless, this is a man who has proven himself on the international stage as he has helped Wales to some of their most significant results in history.

Another thing that plays well for Robson-Kanu is that this guy is happily married to one of the most beautiful wives you will find in the Premier League. A Scottish model, Haley Bartlett turned a lot of heads during the Euro 2016 tournament, when Wales went farther than anyone expected, and Robson-Kanu scored one of the most beautiful goals of the competition.

2 Maria Zulay Salaues (Paul Pogba)

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Some players are worth 30 million, some are worth 10 million, only a few are worth 50 million. But there is a select group of guys who are worth more than €100 million. One of those people is Manchester United’s Paul Pogba. It was just a little over a year ago that United spent €105 million to bring the world-class midfielder to Old Trafford.

Since then, Pogba has played quite well for United, maybe not as well as some fans might have wanted, but well enough.

One thing you don’t hear much about Pogba, however, is his love life. The word around town is that he’s dating a beautiful Bolivian woman who goes by the name Maria Zulay Salaues. The only problem is that a recent video came out that neither Pogba nor his agents must have been too happy about, as it portrayed his alleged girlfriend snorting a “suspicious” white powder.

1 Alice Campello (Alvaro Morata)

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Out of all the new signings in the Premier League, there is one man who is expected to be the most impactful of the class of 2017. That man is Alvaro Morata. Chelsea unloaded €62 million to buy this Spanish striker from Real Madrid. And let us just say that, so far, Morata has been heeding the call. In seven Premier League games, he has scored six goals and set up a couple more. This guy has been playing as well as anyone could expect of him, and he only seems to be getting better and more acquainted with the Premier League game with each passing match.

Another thing we also hope will happen in Morata’s life is that his wife Alice Campello gets acquainted with her new home in England. These two make quite the beautiful couple, and Morata is playing so well that we hope they stay in the Premier League for a long time, as we are sure Chelsea fans feel the same way.


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