The Best Use of the Vanishing Spray in Soccer So Far

Lower league football is always a treat, especially if you're looking for the humorous side of football and not necessarily for tactical genius or world class executions. And the British Football League Two (4th level of British Football) makes no exception, having its glorious moments on a weekly basis.

Since the introduction of the vanishing spray after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in most European competitions, the novelty factor hasn't worn off yet. After the whistle, the spray is now the second item that only referees are allowed to play with during a match, making it another forbidden fruit. So, in a recent match, Hartlepool United player, Scott Harrison, decided to take the matter into his own hands. And you have to admit, the occasion was perfect, with the ref fallen down in such a vulnerable position you don't often see them these days. Harrison, incited by his team-mate, Neil Austin, who devilishly offered him the spray, started drawing a chalk outline next to the fallen men in black, much to the crowd's enjoyment. Unfortunately he stopped when he realized that one of the linesmen was there and that little fun he was having might cost him a yellow card.

Even if Scott Harrison's team ran out winners in the end, there might not be so much room for amusement when the season ends, though, as Hartlepool United is currently sitting at the bottom of the table.

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The Best Use of the Vanishing Spray in Soccer So Far