TMZ Reporter Interviews Alessandro Del Piero, Butchers Zinedine Zidane's Name

Soccer fans might cringe hearing this. Now, of course it's great to hear an Italian soccer legend like Alessandro Del Piero say he'd consider joining the MLS, praising the league for its improvement. However, hearing a TMZ reporter refer to the iconic Zinedine Zidane as "Zinedad Zidain"  is certainly a cringe worthy moment and distracts you from the rest of the interview.

The 40-year-old Juventus and Azzurri legend still plays professionally for the Delhi Dynamos, and of course we'd love to see him in North America. He says American soccer, or futbol, is getting "pretty good" and he'd consider playing here....

I'm sorry, "Zinedad Zidain"?! I'm still flabbergasted that a reporter speaking to a soccer legend got that name wrong.

TMZ caught up with 'Pinturicchio' as he was leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles (with quite a lovely entourage). The reporter brought up Zidane in reference to his infamous headbutt and asked if there was a statue of it in Italy. He also asked Del Piero if he and ZIDANE speak, and Del Piero said yes, as the two were teammates at Juventus and maintain a good friendship.

Overall Del Piero was very diplomatic in the short interview, but the butchering of Zidane's name by the interviewer stole the show. I wonder what Del Piero was thinking when he heard it.

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